The Best Time to Visit Cyprus

Cyprus through the seasons Cyprus is one of the most southern points in Europe and has the warmest weather in the Mediterranean. It is a sub-tropical island, with a Mediterranean and semi-arid or steppe climate. This means it’s rated as group B on the Köppen humidity classification scale – desert is A, polar E. The […]

Mosaic Art At Our Cyprus Villas

Wind-Dancer-by-Photini Stylianou

Mosaic Art Lessons in the comfort of your villa Villa Mosaica Holidays is aptly named after the décor at our 3 large, luxury villas in Cyprus. Villas Mosaica, Aretousa and Amorosa are decorated with original mosaic artwork, created by local artist Photini Stylianou. Photini is a mosaic and stained glass artist and works with hand-cut […]

5 of the Best Cyprus Holiday Day Trips

Cyprus Holiday Day Trips Water Fun – Aphrodite Water Park The best water park in Cyprus; attracting over 100,000 visitors every year. It has some really unique water rides including Zero Gravity – speed slide 15m then boomerang back up and get the feeling of no gravity. Black Hole – is a runaway journey into […]

Golf in Cyprus

Golf in CyprusAs part of its policy to upgrade the tourism industry and in its effort to make Cyprus a golf destination, the island’s government is planning the development, via private investors who will layout heavy financial investments, of about 12 new golf courses.

Golf Courses in Cyprus

Golf Courses in Cyprus The first golf course in Tsada, in the Paphos area, opened in 1994. Two years later the Secret Valley Golf course opened. Since then, golfing holidays in Cyprus had become an established reality. Both these prestige courses have associated developments of residential property. They are at two very different locations, with […]

Golf in Limassol

Golf Courses Close-by in Limassol Cyprus superb all year round sunshine and pleasant climate makes the island an ideal destination for holiday golfers. Do you like to play Golf? Specially during your holidays? Well, if you are a guest staying with us at one of our Cyprus villas: the large Villa Mosaica, Villa Amorosa or […]

Bird Watching in Cyprus (continued)

April and September – Migrating Time Migration time, particularly April and September, is the most exciting period for bird-watchers in Cyprus. Waves of migrants arrive on the south coast and move slowly across the island resting and feeding to regain their strength after their long journey across the Sahara and the Mediterranean, before moving on […]

Bird Watching in Cyprus

Different Bird Species – Each Season Due to the variety and diversity of the country-side, Cyprus possesses the most interesting and varied bird-life of any island in the Mediterranean: a spectacular coastline; a central plain, fertile in winter and spring, arid in summer; foothills covered with thyme, lavender and stunted oaks; shaded wooded valleys; and […]

Cyprus Boat Holiday

Boats, Holidays and Cyprus Experts in the field have reached the conclusion that we are working too hard. Consequently, they further conclude that the working week should be shorter and holidays longer. Coincidentally, this conclusion follows on the heels of one reached by other experts who have been investigating the habits of those who take […]

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