Beauty Tips especially for a Cyprus Bride

Wedding Hair Makeup

Beauty tips are essential for every bride. If you’re a bride to be, with an up-and-coming wedding in Cyprus, you may be worried about being beautiful in a hot climate. While the Cypriot sunshine means brilliant blue skies and great photo opportunities, it does have its downsides. Smudged make-up, flat hair and the bride’s biggest enemy…perspiration. This can all be avoided with a few simple preparations.

Dress Choice

Go for a lightweight dress that you will feel comfortable and cool. Chiffon is a great fabric choice because it’s light and airy. Natural fabrics like silk will allow your skin to breathe, whereas polyester or synthetic satin can end up sticking to you. Choose a semi-formal style that’s not restrictive. Asymmetric dresses are good as they expose plenty of skin to keep your cool.

Beauty prep

When it comes to wearing make-up in hot weather, less is more. It’s all about looking natural rather than overdone. This means it’s essential to spend time preparing your skin before the wedding. Start weeks in advance by adopting a good skin care routine, drinking more water and eating more nutrient-rich, skin-boosting foods like avocado. Treat yourself to a course of facials leading up to the big day.


Wedding Beautician

Choose a professional to do your make-up. An experienced Cypriot make-up artist will have all the tools and tricks to make sure your make-up stays put. If you opt for DIY, getting the right products is crucial.
Use waterproof everything; mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner. Go for a lip gloss, rather than a heavy lip colour. Choose cream or stain blusher rather than powder for a healthy glow.
Foundation is the biggest challenge. Buy the best primer you can afford; this will give you a good base and help your makeup stay-put. Plus, primers contain active ingredients to even skin tone and close pores so you’ll need less coverage. Mineral, powder based foundations will help you avoid the oily look.

Hair styles

It’s best to opt for an up-do to keep your neck cool; your hair will stay neat and tidy and won’t get affected by the humidity. A more loose, tousled styled will look more natural and requires less product. Scalps sweat, when this mixes with hair-spray and starts to run down your brow, you’ll regret reaching for the aerosols. If you must wear your hair down, for the same reasons choose a relaxed style like beach waves or a half-up do to keep hair out of your face.