The Best Time To Visit Cyprus

The Bright SideWhat is the best time to visit Cyprus? The Island is one of the most southern points in Europe and has the warmest weather in the Mediterranean. It is a sub-tropical island, with a Mediterranean and semi-arid or steppe climate. This means it’s rated as group B on the Köppen humidity classification scale – desert is A, polar E.

The Ancients quite rightly referred to it as ‘the island of the sun,’ with its impressive 340 days of sunshine per year. As one of the hottest, driest places in Europe, our most frequently asked question is – when’s the best time to visit Cyprus?


As the warmest European winter destination, Cyprus enjoys very mild weather with temperatures ranging from 16-20°C in the daytime, and 7-11°C at night. January is the coldest month and has the most rain with a monthly average of 8 days. There is a great contrast between coastal weather and that of the Troodos Mountains, 1,952m above sea level. Mount Olympus is a ski resort with a low of 0°C and a high of 5°C. It’s possible to go skiing down the slopes and sunbathing on the beach in the same day.


The island is at its most beautiful in the spring months. Flowers are in bloom and the landscape is covered with colourful poppies, daisies, tulips and anemones. Rock-rose, peonies and orange blossoms grow in the mountains. The Akamas peninsula is famous for its wild orchids; home to many species, some extremely rare. Average temperatures are March 13°C, April 16°C and May 20°C. The milder weather means it a great time to enjoy sight-seeing and cultural activities.


11.5 hours of sun every day, reaching well into the 30’s makes Cyprus a holiday-makers paradise. The sea climbs to a warm-bath temp of 27° C and the beaches are the only place to be. If you prefer a cultural holiday, the archaeological sites are not very pleasant at this time of year due to the sweltering heat – consider going off-season. Sun-worshipers are in their element – white sandy beaches, warms seas, water-sports, cocktails and balmy summer nights.


The weather is warm and the sea temperature still pleasant, after the long hot summer. September is still very hot, reaching 29°C, whereas November’s average is 17°C. There is only a slim chance of rain; you may get caught-out if you visit later in the season. It’s harvest time in September, so don’t miss the wine festival & carnival in Limassol for free tastings. There are also many local celebrations; giving you the chance to experience real Cyprus.