Cyprus Language, History & Heritage – The Mosaica Guide

Thinking about Cyprus for your next holiday? What a fantastic choice of destination. Cyprus is a beautiful, interesting and diverse place that offers plenty in terms of Cyprus language, history and heritage. If you’re planning a Mosaica stay then you’ll love [...]

Cyprus Language, History & Heritage – The Mosaica Guide2017-09-21T15:45:09+03:00

Island of Cyprus – 5 Must See Landmarks

So you’ve landed on the island of Cyprus – hopefully, you've found a beautiful (as well as nice and spacious) villa to stay in - you're got off the plane and you’re hit by that warm, sub-tropical blast of wind. If you’ve started to head towards Limassol alread [...]

Island of Cyprus – 5 Must See Landmarks2019-07-11T19:43:45+03:00

Cyprus People – Culture & Customs

Whether you’re planning a trip to Cyprus or you’ve already booked, you’ll want to find out everything you can about this exciting destination. Cyprus is known for its beautiful weather, stunning architecture and great food, but there’s something else you’re fo [...]

Cyprus People – Culture & Customs2017-09-05T14:57:03+03:00

18 Fascinating Facts about Cyprus

Fascinating Facts About Cyprus Below are some 18 fascinating facts about Cyprus. Geography One of the geographical facts about Cyprus, is that the Island rose from the sea about 20 million years ago. In geological terms it is an ophiolite; created when a sect [...]

18 Fascinating Facts about Cyprus2017-03-17T12:46:57+02:00

Aphrodite Country

Aphrodite Cypris The goddess Aphrodite (also known as Aphrodite Kypris) was the daughter of Uranus and Thalassa. Her birth, at the Petra Tou Romiou, was the outcome of a truly original and peculiar event. Over a dispute with Uranus, Cronus castrated his fathe [...]

Aphrodite Country2017-04-20T12:28:35+03:00

Kingdom of Kourion

Kingdom of Kourion The city kingdom of Kourion was almost certainly chosen for its favourable location (cliffs on three sides, springs to the north). The cliff on which this safe and strikingly beautiful acropolis stood was apparently scarped by hand. As Gree [...]

Kingdom of Kourion2017-04-19T20:00:37+03:00

Costumes of Cyprus

The National Costumes of Cyprus The national costumes of Cyprus can be divided into four different types, town wear, the Karpass style, the Paphos dress and the mountain costume. Each garment displays the rich variety of locally spun fabrics, and the creative [...]

Costumes of Cyprus2017-04-20T13:06:41+03:00
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