Weddings Abroad – Adding a Flavour of Cyprus to Your Special Day

  Weddings abroad are becoming an increasingly popular choice, and Cyprus is up there as one of the top destinations. From the 330 days of sun a year, to the excellent food and relaxed lifestyle, a wedding in Cyprus is the perfect way to start your marri [...]

Weddings Abroad – Adding a Flavour of Cyprus to Your Special Day2019-07-11T19:43:23+03:00

Wheelchair Friendly Villas

Wheelchair Visitors, Welcome If you have limited mobility or use a wheel chair, not to worry. We have wheelchair friendly villas and we know that you’ll have more exacting requirements when it comes to your holiday accommodation. If you’ve tried searching the [...]

Wheelchair Friendly Villas2017-03-18T19:37:00+02:00

Things To Try While in Cyprus

While in Cyprus Did you try these while in Cyprus for holiday? Cyprus is a popular destinations for holidays, weddings and honeymoons. The locals are very friendly, the weather is second to none. Almost 330 sun shine days per year. The local cuisine is rich i [...]

Things To Try While in Cyprus2017-03-19T19:17:42+02:00

Cyprus Carobs

Cyprus Carobs - Dating back in history Cyprus Carobs trees (Ceratonia siliqua) have been grown in Cyprus and countries bordering the Mediterranean since biblical times. It is said that they were the main source of food for St. John the Baptist during his fort [...]

Cyprus Carobs2017-04-19T20:14:58+03:00

Cyprus Flowers

Cyprus Flowers: Glorious Sight During Spring If not because of the Cyprus flowers, visitors to our lovely island in the summer could be forgiven for thinking that the landscape is barren and unproductive scrub land dotted with prickly gorse bushes stretches t [...]

Cyprus Flowers2017-03-31T13:39:43+03:00
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