Villas In Cyprus – The Perfect Choice For Your Holiday

With adults looking for relaxation and kids looking for entertainment, it’s difficult to find a family holiday that suits everyone. At our villas in Cyprus, you’ll find all the freedom, space and amenities you need to truly unwind and make the most of your ho [...]

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Cyprus Food and Drink – Delicious Mediterranean Cuisine

Cyprus food and drink is well known across the world for being fresh and flavourful. From roast lamb and crispy squid to grilled halloumi and sweet watermelon, there’s something for everyone on this charming island. To make the most of Cyprus’s Mediterranean [...]

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Cyprus Holiday Hotspot – Our Guide To Limassol

Limassol (or Lemesos as it’s now known), is one of Cyprus’ most vibrant cities and is often overlooked in place of the more well-known Ayia Napa or capital Nicosia. If you’re planning a Cyprus holiday, then make considering Limassol for your stay is a great c [...]

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Guide to Kolossi

The Name Our luxury villas Mosaica, Aretousa and Amorosa are located just 7 minutes from Limassol city in a residential area called Kolossi, famed for its Medieval Castle by which it was named. Kolossi town On the outskirts of Limassol, nestled amidst the vine [...]

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Kolossi Castle

Kolossi Castle The land at Kolossi was phenome­nally valuable and produced cotton, wheat, sugar and excellent wines. The development and promotion of wines was actively encouraged by the Hospitallers, and the renowned sweet local red, Commandaria, was produce [...]

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Where to in Limassol? Kolossi Castle Well known landmark in Limassol. Located at the Kolossi village, this excellent example of military architecture was constructed by the Knights of St. John in the 13th century and then rebuilt in the 15th. Its an impressiv [...]


Limassol Castle

Limassol Byzantine Castle The Limassol Castle, with its colourful and turbulent history, is located behind the old port, within the old town . The present structure was built in the 16th AC on the site of an earlier Byzantine Castle, where Richard the Lionhea [...]

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Lemesos: Vibrant Seaside Resort

Lemesos: Popular with overseas visitors Lemesos (Limassol in English) is the second largest city in Cyprus stretching along the island’s southern coast. Lemesos, to which visitors from overseas come visiting all year round, has a central location between the [...]

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Limassol Carob Mill Complex

Located next to the Medieval Castle near Limassol’s Old Port, the complex is a stunning collection of renovated buildings, blending some of the latest technology with elements of traditional Cypriot industry to create a fascinating place to visit.

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