Budget Cyprus Weddings

Budget Cyprus Weddings? The Economics of Getting Married Villa Mosaica have the best Cyprus wedding packages available for those who are on a look for a budget Cyprus wedding. Getting married at one of our luxury villas means you have the ceremony, reception, [...]

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Cyprus Wedding Costs

Cyprus Wedding costs versus UK Wedding expenses Cyprus wedding costs are low. Getting married in Cyprus has many advantages – warm weather, exotic venues, romance and excitement. However, the number one reason people choose to tie the knot in Cyprus is cost. [...]

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Greek Orthodox Wedding

Have you been to a Greek Orthodox wedding? A Greek Orthodox wedding is a joyous affair that does more than just join two people in matrimony. A great wedding will also bring together the couple’s friends and family to celebrate under the aura of tradition and [...]

Greek Orthodox Wedding2017-04-04T18:49:16+03:00

Your Cyprus Wedding Date

Cyprus Wedding Date? - When? Here’s a guide to help you choose your Cyprus wedding date, along with the extra considerations to keep in mind because you’re getting married in Cyprus. Season This is often the first decision to make – Spring, Summer, Autumn or [...]

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Cyprus Wedding Planning

Cyprus Wedding Planning Wedding Planning for Cyprus? If you’re in the UK, planning a wedding in a foreign country may seem a little daunting. Organising a wedding in your own country can be stressful enough, without the added complexities of getting married a [...]

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Ideas for Your Cyprus Winter Wedding

Cyprus Winter Wedding Ideas Many couples look to the seasons for inspiration when deciding on a wedding theme and colour scheme. If you’re getting married abroad, you might find choices are a little trickier, but not if you decide to wed in Cyprus. A winter w [...]

Ideas for Your Cyprus Winter Wedding2017-03-14T16:33:01+02:00

Villa Mosaica Wedding

Wedding Day Here’s a brief account of a wedding at Villa Mosaica to explain exactly how we’ll co-ordinate your special day. The Morning Your wedding day will be full of excitement. Early on, the villa will be cleaned and prepared for the event. While the brid [...]

Villa Mosaica Wedding2017-03-14T18:13:47+02:00

Beauty Tips for Your Wedding

Beauty Tips especially for a Cyprus Bride Wedding Hair Makeup Beauty tips are essential for every bride. If you’re a bride to be, with an up-and-coming wedding in Cyprus, you may be worried about being beautiful in a hot climate. While the Cypriot sunshi [...]

Beauty Tips for Your Wedding2017-08-11T19:01:52+03:00
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