Wheelchair Friendly Holidays

Wheelchair Visitors, Welcome   If you have limited mobility or use a wheel chair, you’ll have more exacting requirements when it comes to your holiday accommodation. If you’ve tried searching the internet for disabled accommodation Cyprus, you’ll know tha [...]

A Villa In Cyprus During Winter

Advantages of hiring a Cyprus villa during the winter months Cyprus is the number one UK winter holiday destination. Unlike other European countries, it still has great weather no matter what the time of year. Resorts are less crowded and you’ll find many acti [...]

Things To Try While in Cyprus

Did you try these during a visit to Cyprus? Meze - A truly unique dining experience and a must on your Cyprus holiday. Consists of around 30 different meat or fish based dishes, perfect to share and sample the local cuisine. Watermelon - often bought fresh of [...]

Cyprus Airports

The Gateways Our Limassol villas, Villa Aretousa, the large Villa Mosaica and Villa Amorosa can all be easily reached from both Larnaka Airport, a one hour drive, as well as from Paphos Airport, 30 minutes away by car. The new recently completed Larnaka Intern [...]

Cyprus Map

Cyprus, Europe’s easternmost Mediterranean isle, lies at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Yet it is the European cultural identity that sets the tone of the island’s infinitely varied character. The birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty [...]

Cyprus Carobs (continued)

Carobs exports During the old days Zygi, the little fishing port east of Limassol, was used to export carob. But then Limassol itself became the main exporting port which handled all of the carob export from the Larnaca region. The word “Zygi” means ‘carob wei [...]

Cyprus Carobs

Carobs - Dating back in history Carob trees (Ceratonia siliqua) have been grown in Cyprus and countries bordering the Mediterranean since biblical times. It is said that they were the main source of food for St. John the Baptist during his forty days in the wi [...]

Places to visit in Cyprus

Where to go? Apart of sight sightseeing, most visitors to Cyprus will want to enjoy the sea and the beaches; every facility for water sport of all kinds is available: skiing, skin diving, sailing, cruising, wind-surfing etc. But it is not just swimming and sun [...]

Cyprus Flowers

A glorious sight during spring Visitors to our lovely island in the summer could be forgiven for thinking that the landscape is barren and unproductive scrub land dotted with prickly gorse bushes stretches to the horizon, tenacious olive and carob trees cling [...]

Cyprus Info

About Cyprus Cyprus is an island of almost infinite variety with superb mountain scenery, forests, fascinating coastlines, beaches and places of great historical & archaeological importance. A trip into the mountains will provide a refreshing change from t [...]