3.6 million tourists visited Cyprus last year. Of those visitors, some opted for relaxation and others chose adventure.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for a wild experience, look no further.

Cyprus is the ideal destination for all things adventure. The rugged landscapes, lush nature, and historical sites make it unlike anywhere else. Plus, the scenery provides the perfect backdrop for romantic moments.

Pack your hiking gear and your courage; your trip to Cyrus will be unlike any other vacation. Keep reading for the top adventurous things to do in Cyprus.

1. Cape Greco

Most people want to explore the coast and see the landscape when they come to Cyprus. Cape Greco is the perfect place to do both those things.

Amidst this protected national forest are nine different nature trails to choose from. They vary from 1.5-8.5 kilometers.

When you’re ready to cool off after your trek, check out the various cliff-jumping spots. You can even go snorkeling, explore the sea caves, and swim. Finish with a picnic of local cuisine and you’ve got the perfect day.

2. Adonis Bath

Greek mythology runs through the culture and history of Cyprus. Many of the legends take place in Cyprus, like those at Adonis Bath.

Legend has it, this is one of Adonis and Aphrodite’s favorite places to spend time together. Hence the many statues honoring the god and goddess around the baths. Since it’s so romantic, consider including the Adonis Bath in your wedding activities.

When you visit, spend time hiking the trails and swimming in the waterfall pool. You can also experience some authentic mud therapy or check out the museum.

3. Tombs of the Kings

Do cemeteries give you the creeps? If not, this is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Cyprus. The Tombs of the Kings is an ancient burial site for historic government officials.

Through archaeological excavation, these underground tombs became open to the public. Witness for yourself columns and wall details from the fourth century B.C.

There is a small entrance fee to get in, but it’s well worth it. Exploring these caves is a once in a lifetime experience you can only get in Cyprus.

4. Explore Nicosia

Coming back to the present day, this Cyprus activity is adventurous in a new way. Cyprus has been in the center of many global political issues recently. Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and shows the effects of these politics.

It’s the last divided city in Europe. Cyprus and Turkey each occupy a side. The center is the Green Line Buffer Zone monitored by the UN.

The history and culture of Nicosia are fascinating, as are the people. Take at least a day to explore this city and learn about its identity. Grab a mug of Cypriot coffee and take in this unique place.

5. Petra tou Romiou

According to Greek mythology, seafoam on the coast birthed the goddess, Aphrodite. Where on the coast? Right here in Petra tou Romiou, also known as Aphrodite’s Rock.

This is one of the most gorgeous places in all Cyprus. The white pebbles, aquamarine waters, and jutting cliffs make it special. Although both the sea and cliffs are too rough to explore, witnessing them in person is an experience.

It’s well worth a visit to marvel at the sites and hear the history.

6. Avakas Gorge

In the Akamas Peninsula sits one of the most spectacular walking trails in Cyprus. The Avakas Gorge is a seven-kilometer trail that leads straight through the gorge.

Here, you’ll explore the ancient rock formations and limestone. Some sections of the limestone walls are 30 meters tall.

It’s considered a very difficult hike, so prepare yourself. Bring proper shoes, equipment, and water. It can also get quite slippery when wet, so use your judgment and cautions from local guides.

7. Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

History buffs will go crazy for this Cyprus attraction. The Kato Paphos Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It covers the grounds of an ancient city dating back between the second century B.C and fourth century A.C. Some of the sites go back to the prehistoric era and the Middle Ages. To think that people walked these roads so long ago is exhilarating.

In your tour, you’ll see the theater and the Roman villas. There are also ruins from a Christian basilica and the Forty Columns Castle.

8. Explore Limassol

On the Southern coast of Cyprus sits Limassol, a city thriving since the Medieval Times. Here you’ll find the ancient Limassol Castle and the Prokymea Sculpture Park.

Take your time to explore all the historical sites this city has to offer. Check out the Limassol Archaeological Museum to see artifacts from the Neolithic period.

When you’re done blasting through history, enjoy a stroll down the promenade. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants to take in the scenery. Then, explore more castles and ruins from 3000 years ago.

9. Millomeris Waterfall

To immerse yourself in nature and tranquility, check out Millomeris Waterfall. This stunning site features a 15-meter-tall waterfall and a gorgeous ravine.

The site is only one kilometer from the Platres Church, so visitors usually walk over from there. But, you should know that the trail is quite rocky so you need to wear proper footwear.

There’s also a nearby parking lot if you choose to drive. You’re guaranteed an afternoon of serenity in nature at Millomeris Waterfall.

Interested in Learning More Things to Do in Cyprus?

Cyprus is a country for adventure lovers and romance seekers. The gorgeous natural landscape provides the perfect backdrop for engagements and weddings. Plus, the endless list of excursions and day trips means you’ll never get bored.

Spend your trip learning about the history, culture, and people of Cyprus. There are likely more things to do in Cyprus than you’ll have time for, so plan your itinerary well.

Where do you plan on staying during your trip?

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