Where is Cyprus and 7 Other Facts You Didn’t Know

So you may have eaten at a Cypriot restaurant, bought Cypriot halloumi cheese, or even heard the ancient myths about gods and goddesses of Cyprus. But what do you really know about this historic island?

If you’ve considered visiting Cyprus and have asked questions like “where is Cyprus?” or “what can I do on holiday in Cyprus?” then this is the guide for you.

Carry on reading to find out about the history, culture, and some fascinating facts about Cyprus that you didn’t know.

Where Is Cyprus?

Let’s start with the basics — where exactly is Cyprus?

Located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Turkey, Cyprus is an island that can claim to be in both Europe and the Middle East.

Lying north of Egypt, west of Israel and south of Turkey, Cyprus is nestled in the warmest part of the Mediterranean but still feels like part of Europe.

Surrounded by clear blue waters, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Med and is inhabited by both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots with large communities of overseas permanent residents, this with all year round visitors from different parts of the World gives Cyprus a truly International atmosphere.

Cyprus is further south than most Greek islands and as such has an even warmer climate.

The Perfect Climate

The weather in Cyprus offers one of the warmest, most consistent climates in Europe. Which is just what you want to hear if you are planning a holiday!

Summer on Cyprus spans from May through to October and can reach temperatures of 35C at its peak. The winters are short and mild and rarely do temperatures fall below 15C.

So no matter what time of year you visit Cyprus, the weather will be on your side. Plus, you can get excellent value for your money if you choose to travel off-peak.

You Can Swim in the Cleanest Water in Europe

Cyprus has a host of beautiful beaches for you to choose from.

Whether it’s lying down and reading a book, swimming, snorkelling or jet-skiing — Cyprus has a beach for you.

The western coast has beautifully quiet backwaters, while the busy resorts on the eastern end of the island are packed with activities for the whole family.

But the best thing about Cyprus beaches that you may not know, is that it has some of the cleanest water in Europe.

The water surrounding the island is not just beautiful and clear, but has also been certified as some of the cleanest sea water you can get.

Cyprus Is Easy to Discover

With two international airports and direct flights from across Europe, Cyprus couldn’t be easier to get to. And once you are on the island, it’s also so easy to get around.

Unlike a lot of islands in the Mediterranean, Cyprus has an excellent road network and has motorways linking its main cities. All the cities on the island are within two hours drive of each other. This makes it a very accessible island to explore by hiring a car or using a tour bus.

Hiring a car can make your visit more self-sufficient and you can make spontaneous trips all over the island. And the accessible nature of the island makes choosing where to stay in Cyprus so much easier.

The Goddess of Love was Born in Cyprus

Cyprus has an ancient and fascinating history dating back 10,000 years. From the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Turkish empire and the Venetians. Cyprus is steeped in world history.

But what you probably didn’t know is that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty was born on Cyprus. You can visit Aphrodite’s mythical birthplace ‘Petra tou Romiou’ on the southwest coast of the Pafos (Paphos) district.

There are many places in Cyprus that are a must-see for history buffs. As well as the Greek ruined town of Kourion with its ancient baths, mosaics, and amphitheatre, the island also has old Turkish mosques and old Venetian walls in Nicosia.

There are so many historical sites to discover on Cyprus that learning history will never be more fun or beautiful.

It’s a Great Place to Get Married

With beautiful beaches, sparkling water and the goddess of love, Cyprus is a perfect place to get married.

Whether you would like to get married in a church, on the beach, or by the pool, Cyprus is a great place to tie the knot. And you know the weather will always turn out nice!

A wedding villa on Cyprus could offer you stunning scenery and privacy for your special day. You can even combine a stag or hen do, and a honeymoon on to really make it a trip of a life time.

Our guide to getting married in Cyprus has lots of useful information and tips if you’re thinking of saying “I do” on this mythical island.

World Class Food and Drink

Cypriot food is not just halloumi cheese!

Because of its unique cultural heritage, you can expect to eat some truly unique and mouth watering dishes with Greek, Turkish, and Italian origins.

And even better? Cypriot food is some of the healthiest in the world with its use of fresh vegetables, herbs, and fish.

Meze dishes consist of up to two dozen different smaller dishes which is perfect for a family sharing feast. You can also try spicy Loukaniko sausages, sesame-based Tahini or Skordalia (garlic and potato) dips.

If you want something to wash it down with, then there are a choice of delicious local wines including wine from the Vlassides winery.

There Is Still So Much To Learn About Cyprus

So just by asking “where Is Cyprus?” you can begin to discover some of the wonderful hidden facts about this beautiful island.

From Greek goddesses to vineyards, Cyprus has so much to offer visitors, no matter what the time of year.

Whether you are planning to visit for your wedding, a romantic break, or a family holiday — find out more about Cyprus from our series of visitor guides.