Catholic Church Wedding in Cyprus

Requirements and Documentation.

The following documents will be required for a Catholic Church Wedding to be held in Cyprus:
[1] Both partners must be Catholic. In the case of mixed religion (Catholic and other Christian denomination), the couple must get a special dispensation from the regional bishop of the Catholic partner before the church wedding can take place in Cyprus.
[2] “You will have to inform your local parish priest of your intent to marry overseas and he will need to view both party’s birth certificates. You must ask for a pre-marital enquiry/ freedom to marry, and request that this, together with your baptism records, be sent to your regional Bishop. Once your regional Bishop is in receipt of these papers he will forward them on to the Vicar General in Cyprus.
[3] The couple must have a Cyprus civil wedding ceremony first. This can take place just before the church wedding, on the same day or a day before.
[4] Adoption certificate, required in case of an adopted applicant.
[5] Furthermore, both the priest at the church in Cyprus, as well as your own local priest in your country of residence will have to be contacted six months or so before the wedding’s date, in order to allow for adequate time to meet all the church requirements and paperwork as well as to secure availability at the church in Cyprus.

Catholic Church Wedding


Please note that for a Catholic wedding the paperwork may take some time to complete, so as to be on the safe side you need to start the process at least six or so months prior to the wedding. Also, the Catholic church will not confirm the wedding’s date unless all requirements & documents are approved.
These documents are forwarded by the bride’s parish priest to the local Bishop who will then prepare a covering letter and forward them to the church in Cyprus where you will be getting married.

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Documentation Overview

Usually all church paperwork is completed in the bride’s parish, though some documents, such as the groom’s baptismal and confirmation certificates, will have to be obtained from the groom’s parish.
[1] Pre-nuptial enquiry form for each party to the marriage (can be obtained from your local parish).
[2] Baptismal certificates for each party, issued from the parish of your baptism and dated within the past six months to the wedding.
[3] Confirmation certificate issued from the parish of your area and dated within the last six months to the wedding.
[4] Permission from the bride’s Parish Priest that she may be married outside her own parish (Letter of Freedom).

If applicable, additional documentation may be required:
[1] Additional Letters of freedom from other parishes where either party has lived for a significant period of time.
[2] A Dispensation, if either party to the marriage is not baptised in the Roman Catholic Church.
[3] A Decree of Nullity, if either party had a previously annulled marriage.
[4] A Death Certificate of their late partner, if either party is widowed.
[5] A Wedding Licence & Marriage Certificate, from a Cyprus Town Hall, may be required to take place before the Catholic church wedding.

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