Cyprus Civil Wedding Ceremony

Documents Required for a Cyprus Civil Wedding.

Documents required for a Cyprus civil wedding vary according to the applicant’s issuing country.
However, in general the following documents will be required from each wedding applicant:
[1] Passport: Valid for at least 6 months from wedding’s date.
[2] Birth certificate. To be of the [Long Format] type.
[3] Statutory Declaration or Non Impediment Document. This is a Certificate stating that one is free to marry. This document must not be more than three months old.
[4] Divorce certificate (Absolute Decree) in case of divorced applicants.
[5] Certificate of Death of their late partner, in case of widowed applicants.
[6] Change of Name Deed, required if an applicant has changed their name.
[7] Adoption certificate, required in case of an adopted applicant.

Cyprus Civil Wedding

[1]: For a Cyprus civil wedding, all documents must be original with original certified English translation.
[2]: Some of the mentioned documents may require a certification based on country of origin.
[3]: List of the mentioned documents, for a Cyprus civil wedding, can vary based on applicant’s country.

About a Cyprus Civil Wedding

  • Cyprus Civil weddings are conducted by The Registry Office at Town Hall.
  • Marriage Certificates issued by The Registry Office in Cyprus, after a Cyprus civil wedding ceremony, are recognized worldwide.
  • Marriage Certificates are issued in English.
Cyprus Civil Wedding in Progress
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