Tradi­tional Desserts and Sweets

The Cypriot cuisine offers a rich variety of tradi­tional desserts and sweets, Cyprus delights. One of these is the popular preserves spoon sweets (Glyko) which can be accompanied by a strong black Cypriot coffee and a cold glass of water.
These preserves are usually made from a variety of different vegetables & fruit such as courgettes, aubergines, walnuts, apricots, grapes, quince, water melon, apples, oranges, lemon and many others, preserved in sticky sugary syrup, and served in portions no larger than a spoon – hence the name.
Then of course, there are the soft chewy Cyprus delights, perfumed with delicately scented rose or orange blossom water, coated in fine icing sugar and made with or without nuts. And all over the island, look out for market stalls and Souvenir shops displaying long strings of a chewy grape dessert known as (Soujoukos); which is Made once a year during the grape har­vest, consisting of a long thread of almonds or walnuts, repeatedly dipped in thickened grape juice and air dried, this is bought as a long string, sliced into roundels and offered much as you would serve nib­bles and crisps at a dinner party alongside a glass of Commandaria wine or a shot of (Zivania) the well known traditional Cypriot strong spirit.

More Cyprus Delights

For those with a sweet tooth, filling desserts, such as (Daktyla) the delicious almond-filled and fried pastry available in every confectionary are recommended.
(Bourekia), which is pastry filled with fresh curd cheese and honey is another choice.
Other Cyprus delights are the famous (Loukoumades) the syrup drenched fried miniature pastry balls, are usually prepared on the spot in roadside stalls, or at local fairs and church celebrations.
Not to forget to mention here the (Baklava) which is very popular in Greece, Cyprus and many countries in the Middle East. The (Baklava) is made from this sheets of folio pastry layered with nuts and then dipped in a sweet syrup.
Available in almost every supermarket, is the modest and yet so valuable carob honey. This is a pure product with no sugar added and it is a Mediterranean treasure trove of phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamins, proteins and trace elements. Carob honey is as much a contribution to a healthy diet as it is a delicious sweetener for cereals and herbal teas or, mixed with Tahini, a unique alternative, sweet sandwich spread.
Puddings come in various Shapes and sizes, from individual bowls of rice pudding, (Rizogalo), and (Mahalepi) to the pastry wrapped (Galatoboureko).
Cypriot deli­cious delicacies make ideal gifts for family and friends. They are also a good excuse to take a break from the stan­dard chocolate cake or cheesecake, to enjoy a real traditional Cypriot sweet taste.