Limassol (or Lemesos as it’s now known), is one of Cyprus’ most vibrant cities and is often overlooked in place of the more well-known Ayia Napa or capital Nicosia. If you’re planning a Cyprus holiday, then make considering Limassol for your stay is a great choice. Want to know why? Find out everything you need to know to plan the perfect holiday and discover one of Cyprus’ top cities.


Why Limassol for your Cyprus holiday?

Limassol is Cyprus’ second largest city, known for being the hub of industry in the country. This means that there is a hustle and bustle around the city that makes for a fantastic Mediterranean getaway. With glorious beaches, thriving nightlife and the Old Town to discover, there’s never a dull moment in Limassol.



Like any good sunshine destination, a visit to the beach is must. You’ll be spoiled for choice in Limassol with beautiful golden sands to relax on, including Aphrodite, Armonia and Castella beach. If you’d prefer a quieter beach, then Kalymnos is a good option, although it isn’t the easiest to get to. For a more active time at the beach, Akti Olympion has a variety of different watersports to take part in, as well as some amazing views. It’s a blue flag beach too, with a many bars and cafes nearby to take a break in when the sun gets too hot.

It’s worth remembering that some beaches will charge you to rent sun loungers. This can soon add up throughout the course of your stay if you’re enjoying your Cyprus holiday for a week or more. Choosing a Cyprus villa with its own private pool gives you some flexibility and means that you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing at your leisure without worrying about daily fees.



Limassol is a city with a lot of history, including the Castle of Limassol that dates back to 1228. In the Old Town you’ll also find the beautiful cobbled streets and Agia Napa cathedral which are worth exploring when you get the chance. You can also enjoy shopping around the various market stalls and shops that offer a range of goods to take home with you.

Located approximately 11km outside of the city, you’ll find the Amathus archaeological site, which is worth a visit if you’re interested in ancient history. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can discover a lot about the people who lived in the ancient city, including its founder King Kiniras.

If you want to venture further during your stay, you could rent a car and drive to some of Cyprus’ other great cities and discover their ancient treasures too.


Food and drink

In Limassol you’ll find many high-quality restaurants serving traditional Cypriot and Mediterranean dishes. Lamb and pork are very popular meats and you should aim to try the kleftiko (a blend of slow-cooked lamb and pork), the afelia (a traditional pork dish cooked in wine), souvlaki and other tempting treats. Of course, you can also dine at restaurants that cater more to international visitors with Asian and European cuisine or alternatively, you could head to the local shops and buy fresh local ingredients to serve up your own tasty treats from your luxury Cyprus villa. Along the beaches you’ll find a number of cool cafes and bars to enjoy drinks in the sun which are also great if you’re bringing children along on your Cyprus holiday.



A Cyprus holiday wouldn’t be complete without experiencing some of the local nightlife. Among your choices are some laid back bars for cocktail sipping and enjoying the mild summer nights. There are also a range of nightclubs for those who like to party well into the night. Popular clubs include Basement and Sesto Senso, which is well-known for being one of Limassol’s most stylish clubs.

One of the busiest times for the city is the annual Limassol Wine Festival, where locals and visitors gather together to enjoy wine, music, dance and drama. The festival takes place in late summer and isn’t one to be missed.


During your Cyprus holiday, you can enjoy a number of exciting activities in and around Limassol. The Limassol Zoo is a popular attraction with families and houses animals that have come from all over the world. A day trip to Kourion is also recommended so that you can see the ancient theatre and explore the ruins of what was once a significant city in ancient Cyprus. The ancient theatre at Kourion is still operational to this day with many live productions & musical events being held there every year. Like Akti Olympion, Kourion is also a Blue Flag beach and happens to be one of the cleanest beaches in the Limassol area – no buildings or ships are allowed.

For a break from the heat, you can cool off in the fun-filled Fasouri Watermania Water Park, which has large outdoor pools and fun water rides that will be sure to excite and delight visitors of all ages.

If you’d like to enjoy some walking away from the main holiday crowds, a walk along the Promenade or Limassol marina is highly recommended and will let you take advantage of the city’s gorgeous scenery and landscape. It’s recommended that you enjoy any walks late in the afternoon/early evening as the sun begins to cool so as not to become affected by the hot Mediterranean sun.



Limassol is known as being the most metropolitan city in Cyprus, and it is very popular with visitors from all over the world. The locals are very welcoming to visitors and there’ll be no shortage of hospitality during your stay. The city is rich with music, and you’ll experience a lot of different genres coming together to create a wonderful atmosphere. From the café culture of the Old Town and Marina to the thrilling evenings, you’ll find somewhere to feel at home in Limassol.

Limassol is a great destination for your Cyprus holiday, which you can make even better with a stay in your own private villa. Staying in a villa gives you peace, quiet and privacy, and the wonderful opportunity to take things at your own pace. With your own swimming pool, spacious bedrooms and WiFi, cable TV and spacious living and dining areas, you’ll find much to enjoy about your private hideaway. Have a browse around our website for more details on our available properties, and if you have any questions, please contact us for more information.