Are you already mourning the end of summer? Why not help ease those post-summer blues and look ahead to your next holiday? If you’re trying to think of the perfect destination – consider Limassol for your next dream holiday. What makes Limassol such a great destination? Find out in our great lists of reasons to visit Limassol for Cyprus holidays 2018.


Cyprus holidays 2018 – What’s on offer?



1. The Limassol Carnival (15-21 February 2018)

You’ve heard of the Notting Hill Carnival, the Rio Carnival and the New Orleans Mardi Gras – but what about the Limassol Carnival? Taking place in February, roughly eight weeks before Easter Sunday, Cyprus holidays 2018 don’t get any better than when Limassol comes alive with different exhibits, parades and parties. The weather will be much warmer than back at home and will offer an experience that you won’t forget.


2. The people

The atmosphere in Cyprus is infectious. The people are warm and ready to welcome visitors and you’ll be able to make Limassol your home from home easily by embracing the local culture. When big celebrations happen, everyone goes all out so join in the party spirit and come away with some fantastic memories of your time. While a Mosaica holiday will involve a luxury villa with complete privacy, you can make the most of Cyprus Holidays 2018 by mixing with some of the local people.


3. The Cyprus Film Days International Film Festival (April-May)

Usually taking place between April and May, the Cyprus Film Days International Film Festival has become well-known. Screenings take place at the Limassol Rialto Theatre and show a wide range of films from all over the world. Last year’s line-up included Jackie and Zoology as well as some other excellent entries. All screenings feature English subtitles, so if you fancy some evening entertainment during your visit – you’ll be well-catered for here. Keep an eye on the website for details of what’s on for the 2018 Festival to make your Cyprus holidays 2018 even more memorable.


4. The local cuisine

Cyprus does many things well, and food is certainly one of them. There are some fantastic traditional dishes to enjoy, including mezze. As an island nation, you can also expect to enjoy a lot of seafood in Cyprus, caught fresh from the Mediterranean. This year, Limassol played host to the second Cyprus International Food Festival in September – if it returns there next year you’ll be in for a treat for these two days of foody delights.


5. Shakespeare at the Kourion (June)

There’s always a big thrill enjoying Shakespeare in the open-air, and the Kourion theatre is the perfect place to enjoy some of Shakespeare’s classic plays. Next year’s production looks set to be A Midsummer Night’s Dream, so if you’re looking to book a holiday for next June – make sure you book tickets to see this much-loved Shakespeare play in this spectacular setting.


6. Sayious Adventure Park

The British weather doesn’t often make for desirable conditions to experience outdoor adventures, but you can certainly guarantee a better chance of it in Cyprus! The Sayious Adventure Park offers some amazing activities for you to take part in, including ATV tours, paintballing, go-karting, off-road buggying, 4x4s and more. You need to pre-book, but it’s an excellent experience to enjoy in a group during your stay – especially if you’re visiting for a wedding or other large family occasion.


7. The Limassol Wine Festival (August-September)

Cyprus is very well known for its wine, and is known for being one of the oldest wine producers in the world. The annual Limassol Wine Festival takes place at the end of the summer and happens in the municipal gardens each evening, offering excellent prices on bottles of wine and the chance to sample some excellent wines from Cyprus’ best producers.


8. Cyprus Rally (TBC)

The annual Cyprus Rally takes place in Limassol during the summer, a fantastic location to enjoy motorsports in the sunshine. There are a number of different parts to the competition, which features as part of the Middle East Rally Champion. It’s a fun day out in the Troodos mountains and a great event to enjoy during your stay.


9. The Lemesia (October)

If you visit Limassol in October, you can enjoy the Lemesia – the annual international sporting event. It takes place over the course of 10 days, where Lemesia athletes from all over the world take part in different competitions ranging from gymnastics and shooting to triathlon and boxing. It has been going since 1998, and attracts more and more top athletes each year. If you love the Olympics and similar sporting events, you’ll enjoy the amazing setting that Limassol hosts for these wonderful events.


10. The Russian Cypriot-Festival (June)

In June, the Russian Embassy in Cyprus, alongside the Limassol Municipality and Cyprus Advertiser (a Russian newspaper), host an annual event to promote better relationships between the two nations. It’s a two-day festival that incorporates exhibitions, performances and a special day for children which helps them to express their creativity through art, dance and music. It’s a wonderful time to be in Limassol, with some exciting and entertaining events taking place across the city.


11. The Limassol Beer Festival (July)

In addition to the Limassol Wine Festival, the Beer Festival is another great highlight in the Limassol social calendar. You’ll find the festival along the Molos Waterfront where you’ll see a variety of local and international vendors offering some of the best Cypriot and imported beers. There’s a lot of music and entertainment to accompany the crowds that flock to the area during this time for a great atmosphere that will be one of the highlights of your visit.


12. The European Dance Festival (May)

If you enjoy dance, you’ll love the much-celebrated European Dance festival, that comes to Limassol in May. Attracting troupes from all over Europe, there are competitions that see them competing with Cypriot dance groups. There are many styles of dance involved that make it an exciting and thrilling competition at the Rialto theatre, and is a lovely way to experience some of Cyprus’ culture.


Cyprus holidays 2018 are shaping up to be amongst some of the best we’ve ever seen with this great line up of events. Limassol has so much to offer at any time of year, but if you can tie your Cyprus holiday in 2018 to one of the events mentioned above, you’ll make your visit even more special. From sporting events to festivals and performances, Limassol’s annual events calendar is impressive and is worth taking part in to get a feel of the local flavour during your stay. If Limassol sounds like the ideal destination for you, find out more about booking our large Cyprus villas and book your 2018 visit today.