Cyprus Villa Holidays

When you start preparing for your Cyprus villa holidays. And when you’re looking for a villa to rent in Cyprus it can be difficult to choose between the myriad of options. You’ll see there’s quite a variation in price and may wonder whether to opt for the cheaper alternative. Here are 8 reasons why it’s better to up your Cyprus villa holidays budget and go for luxury, rather than basic accommodation on the Island.

1. Enjoy the peace and privacy of your own private swimming pool. No more fighting for the best loungers or feeling unable to relax around a hotel pool. You can swim and sunbathe in the Cypriot sunshine without a care in the world.

2. Have an extra special time with the ones you love in luxury surroundings. Choose a higher class of accommodation and feel even more special. Plush décor, elegant furnishings and extra attention to detail will make you feel like a million dollars.

3. Cyprus villa holidays will enable you to benefit from better facilities such as a telephone or internet access for your convenience. This is particularly relevant for those who need to stay connected for work reasons.

4. A luxury villa will include air-conditioning and heating for your comfort. So you won’t need to spend sleepless nights in the 40 degree summer heat, or get cold in the winter months.

5. Your bigger and better villa will have more features such as mature tropical gardens, a veranda or gazebo for comfortable outdoor seating and completely kitted out BBQ area.

6. It’s those little things that make a difference; like the cleanliness of the kitchen, the softness of the bed sheets and the quality of the outdoor furniture. Better accommodation simply makes your stay more pleasant.

7. You’ll pay a little more for a better location. Many cheaper villas are more affordable because they’re stuck out in the middle of no-where. This is no good if you want to explore the amazing tavernas, restaurants, nightlife and shops in Cyprus, nor if you want to spend your days lazing on the fabulous beaches.

8. You’ll see that our Villa Mosaica’s tagline is ‘the Luxury of Space.’ Space is indeed a luxury, especially for larger families. You can’t enjoy a meal if you’re cramped around a dining table or all get ready to go out when there’s only one bathroom. You’ll know this if you’ve ever tried to squeeze into a so-called family room at a hotel or holiday apartment. Choose large, spacious accommodation so everyone gets their own privacy and freedom.