So, you’ve decided on Cyprus for your holiday destination and you’ve contemplated the options of a hotel and a villa, with the outcome being a villa. Unlike a hotel, Cyprus villas become your home away from home when you’re on holiday and because you’ll spend much more time there than you would in a hotel, the factors you need to consider become more intricate. If you are going in a group, then taking into consideration everyone’s requests and needs are a must, while you’ll want to stay in a location that suits the type of holiday you’re all after.


Cyprus is a beautiful destination all year round due its warm climate. A villa is a great way to enjoy your holiday, as you can relax around the pool all day and cook a meal at night and eat al-fresco on your terrace. You could also head into the local area for an evening aperitif. If you’re looking to find the right Cyprus villa for you and your group, it’s important to think about what you need to consider before booking, such as location, design, comfort and space.




The best way to start narrowing down your Cyprus villas search, is to decide whether you want peace and tranquillity away from the main areas, where you can completely relax and take time out, or whether you want to be close to the action and still be able to wander to the beach and head out for an evening drink or meal at the local restaurants and bars.


Choosing where you want to be situated will come down to the whole reason for your holiday, so get this out the way at the beginning so that you don’t spend all your hard work finding beautiful villas that tick all the boxes, but aren’t in the right place. The requirements of your villa will all be dependent on who you’re travelling with. If you’re a couple without kids, then you’ll probably be looking for something quiet and romantic; if you’re a family or a group with several children, you might want some peace but still be able to walk to the beach or into town when the kids get itchy feet.


Style v comfort


It’s very easy to look through photos of Cyprus villas and be blown away by the interior decor of a place, but the facilities and comfort of the villa will be much more important to your overall stay. Deciding on a budget that you are all happy to spend will help to keep your eyes on realistic properties, rather than getting drawn into those that are only going to make you feel disappointed once you’ve seen the price tag.


You’ll spend more time in your villa than you would in a hotel room, so the size of the kitchen, the number of bathrooms and size of the outdoor space are all things you’ll understandably want to consider. Luxury doesn’t just have to come in the form of decor, it can also come in the form of what’s available to you within the villa and what you truly want from your stay.


Your group


When travelling in a group, everyone’s requests have to be taken into consideration. If you’re a couple, choosing a Cyprus villa won’t cause you too much difficulty, but as soon as you increase the numbers, you need to start considering the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and whether there is enough space for everyone.


If you’re a family of 4, you might want to spend some quality time away from the tourist and resort areas, but you’ll want to ensure that there’s a pool for the kids to play in and space for them to run around and use up some energy. If you’re a mix of young and old and plan to have dinner together but spend the rest of the evening doing your own thing, you’ll want plenty of space in your villa to retreat to instead of all being confined to one area. If some of you want to head off in the day to do activities while others want to spend time by the pool, both factors need to be considered to avoid any problems when you’re there.


Time together


The beauty of a villa holiday is that you have the option to spend as little or as much time together as you like. When staying in a hotel, you’ll tend to congregate down by the pool with the rest of the residents or meet in the restaurant for dinner, but time together isn’t always as special as it could be. Villas offer the opportunity to create memories together, but because you can choose how much space you have there is also the chance to have some ‘you’ time – which is always important when holidaying as a group.


If you’re a family, you’ll want to have a pool and garden that you can leave the kids to play in and a terrace where you can catch some peace and quiet with a book. If you’re in a mixed group, you’ll want a large kitchen area to cook dinner and eat in, but large lounge areas or outdoor spaces to spread out in on an evening.


How can we help with your Cyprus villas decision?


Taking into consideration all the above, we think we have the perfect choice of villas to suit families and larger groups. Our smallest villa is a beautiful 4 bedroom property and our largest is a 9 bedroom property, but with plenty of space and an array of facilities they are suitable for groups of all ages. Our Cyprus villas are all located a short drive from the city of Limassol and the gorgeous Kourion beach, within walking distance of a few shops and restaurants, offers plenty of space and beautiful tranquillity in a residential area of Cyprus.


Villa Amorosa

  • 4 bedrooms (sleeps 8)
  • All bedrooms on upper levels – not ideal for elderly guests
  • En-suite bathrooms in 2 bedrooms
  • Private outdoor swimming pool
  • Panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and Troodos mountains

Villa Aretousa

  • 8 bedrooms (sleeps 16)
  • 2 bedrooms on ground floor, 3 on middle level, and 3 on upper floor
  • En-suite bathrooms in 6 bedrooms
  • 3 sitting areas and 2 dining rooms
  • Private outdoor swimming pool

Villa Mosaica

  • 9 Bedrooms (sleeps 18)
  • 4 bedrooms on ground floor, 5 on upper floor
  • En-suite bathrooms in 7 bedrooms
  • 2 sitting areas and 2 dining areas
  • Private outdoor swimming pool, plus jacuzzi and sauna

All of our Cyprus villas have disabled and wheelchair access available, and come with private entrances, air-conditioning, Cable TV, Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchens and large gardens with BBQ areas.


Please feel free to browse our selection of Cyprus villas, to suit both small and large groups. We don’t compromise on space and can assure you that you’ll feel very much at home in one our traditional yet modern villas close to the city of Limassol. If you would like to get in touch with us to ask any questions or to make a booking, we’d love to hear from you.