Cyprus Wedding Date? – When?

Here’s a guide to help you choose your Cyprus wedding date, along with the extra considerations to keep in mind because you’re getting married in Cyprus.


This is often the first decision to make – Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? If you know what kind of wedding you’d like, it will probably be an easy choice. If not, picture your wedding day – is it a hot summers evening or a crisp winter morning? What colours are you considering and what seasons do they associate with?


A Cyprus wedding means there’s no need to worry about the rain spoiling your special day or being too cold in your dress. Although, the extreme heat may be enough to put you off holding your wedding in the peak Summer months. The most popular time of year to get married is slightly off-season in April/May or September/October. The resorts are quieter and the flights are considerably cheaper.


It’s likely that travel arrangements will very much influence your date choice. Short list the airlines that offer flights to Cyprus then check out their timetables to see what days they fly. Note down a list of possible travel dates and narrow it down with your family. Don’t try to book online. Call the airlines and get a sales assistant to help. Tell them your requirements and let them get back to you with potential flights and costs.


The lucky triple 7’s (07/07/2007) was one of the most popular wedding dates ever. If you’re superstitious you may have heard that to marry on a Wednesday is best of all. Or, be wary of getting married in May in case you rue the day, as the saying goes.


Perhaps a certain date holds some significance to you – your parent’s birthday or anniversary. The anniversary of when you first met, got engaged, said ‘I love you.’ Or, you could choose to get married on Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve.

Time in resort

When it comes to confirming the ceremony date, consider what you’ll want to do before and after the wedding. Make sure you allow enough time for hen/stag celebrations, or a little rest and relaxation before the big day. You don’t want to feel rushed. Many people get married 4 or 5 days into their trip. Our Wedding Planners have a wealth of experience and will be glad to assist you.

Remember to book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. Planning your wedding will be much easier this way – giving you plenty of time to make travel arrangements and lots of notice for guests.