What do you picture for your wedding? The perfect setting, beautiful weather and your nearest and dearest around you? Then why not consider a wedding in Cyprus? The perfect setting for your destination wedding, Cyprus weddings are the perfect way for you to say ‘I do’.

Why Cyprus weddings?

Many people dream of a wedding abroad, and Cyprus is the ideal location if you don’t want to travel too far for a destination wedding, at just four hours away. Not only is it one of the warmer countries in the Mediterranean, but on average it only rains around 30 days a year – much better odds than in the UK! When you plan a wedding abroad it’s possible to get all of your wedding booked easily, making the whole process stress-free and often cheaper than it would be at home, especially if you opt for a wedding planning service.


Not everyone wants to get married in front of a huge crowd of people, and inviting just your close family and friends can make your wedding more intimate and enjoyable, amongst the people you really want to be there.


The legal side

With Cyprus weddings, you have the option of a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony, with the paperwork available in English so that you both understand everything. The ceremony will also be in English so it will be almost as if you’re getting married in the UK. As the ceremony tends to be the same in Cyprus as in the UK, you and your guests will know what to expect. Your wedding ceremony and the necessary paperwork can all be managed by us if you book your wedding with us, and we’ll make sure that your documents are checked when you arrive to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.


All-inclusive weddings

Cyprus weddings are popular because they offer the option for couples to have the entire wedding in one place, turning it into a multi-day event that will make your wedding last longer and make it all the more memorable for everyone. With a wedding at an exclusive location like a luxury villa, you can have the ceremony, reception and accommodation in one place to make it a great experience for all of you.


Many people will have their wedding over a number of days. This means that couples can enjoy hen and stag parties at the villa that can be arranged through us. Guests can also enjoy meals together and some drinks the evening before the wedding, as well as different activities around the villa or out and about in Limassol and the surrounding area.


Why choose a wedding villa?

A wedding villa is a great option for Cyprus weddings. You’ll get to have your own private venue that you can enjoy with friends and family, as well as the convenience of doing all the preparations from the comfort of your accommodation. This is an excellent way to save money as with Villa Mosaica there are no additional charges for having your wedding when you book the villa for your accommodation. The additional advantage of having two villas next door to each other means you could have as many as 40 guests staying!


Booking a wedding villa can help make the wedding process much more calming, as there’ll be no big rush to get to the venue on the day. You can take time to familiarise yourself with your surroundings to make sure you feel happy and stress-free before the big day. With everything taking place in one location, there’s no danger of losing your guests either and everyone can continue to party until the dawn if you wish.


Great value packages

The great thing about planning a wedding in Cyprus is that you can take advantage of some excellent wedding packages. Our packages include the wedding ceremony and reception, drinks, photography, hair and makeup and even the finer details such as bouquets for the bridesmaids. There are a number of different packages available to suit your tastes and budget, and you can always add to them if needed. A package is a great way to make sure that all the finer details are taken care of, and you know exactly what you’re working towards.


Some of our packages include beach weddings, so if you want to have your wedding ceremony on the golden sands of Limassol overlooking the sea, this is a popular option. You and your guests will be transported to and from the beach, and you can continue the reception back at your villa.


Building your own package

If a package isn’t the right option for you, then you always have the option of building your own package to create a bespoke plan that suits you. Some details may mean more to you than others and at Villa Mosaica, you can be sure of getting genuine advice from those who know the local area and suppliers well. We can help you source the things you want for your big day to help ensure you get exactly what you want for your wedding day.


We know that weddings can take their toll on your nerves and stress levels, and while that’s completely normal, we’re also on hand to help in any way we can. Our wedding planning service can help reassure you and ensure all the details are in place – from booking suppliers in advance, to making sure the drinks are chilled on the day – we will ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


When it comes to deciding what you want for your big day, it’s important to make a decision that makes sense for you both as a couple. A wedding abroad is a fantastic idea as it could save you money on your wedding and ensure an experience you’ll never forget. With more and more people choosing Cyprus weddings, you’ll be in good company as you start your new life under the blue skies. For more information about booking your wedding with Villa Mosaica, you can check our wedding FAQ page, explore our great wedding packages or contact us for more information.