10 Tips for a Fantastic Family Holiday in Cyprus

Looking for a fantastic family holiday? Here are ten tips which you can use while staying at a villa in Cyprus with your family & friends:

1. Stock-up

The beauty of staying at a self-catering villa in Cyprus is dining at your leisure. Ensure there are plenty of tasty delights in the fridge, as well as treats for the kids. Don’t just buy the basics, splurge at the supermarket to enhance your holiday.

2. Be adventurous

Try new things: Tzatziki, Haloumi, Koupepia (vine leaves), Commandaria wine. Get lots of cold meats, cheeses and salad items so there’s no need for cooking if you don’t feel like it. To create authentic Cypriot dishes look out for spice mixes such as Souvaki for skewered meats – perfect for the BBQ.

3. Plan what you can

To avoid disappointment, especially in peak season, plan trips and excursions in advance. Use the internet to find local tour operators, or contact us. You may even save money on tickets.

4. Inspire the children

If you plan on visiting the ancient sites and monuments, buy the children a fun book about Greek mythology. The birthplace of Aphrodite and the Sanctuary of Apollo will be so much more exciting for them.

5. Sunburn is not worth the risk

Don’t take any chances when it comes to the sun, you could ruin 2 or 3 days of your holiday. Have a strict rule that no-one goes outside until they’re plastered in factor 30. Even waterproof lotion wears-off, so don’t forget to re-apply.

6. Go outdoors

Do you want your Fantastic Family Holiday to be complete? Then, do not forget to explore the unspoilt beauty of the Troodos Mountains. Go hiking or cycling, with a network of trails to choose from including various sights, rare plants, waterfalls, and spectacular scenery. Have a prize for whoever spots a Mouflon – a wild sheep native only to Cyprus.

7. Try and get some time for yourself

It’s important for adults to get some alone-time to unwind. Agree that you’ll each have a day for yourself at some point during your vacation. On this day, your partner takes care of the kids and you do whatever you please.

8. Watch out for mobile roaming charges

Make doubly sure that all phones have data roaming turned off. Or better still, book a Cyprus villa with Wi-Fi. You can use Skype to call home and the kids can even chat to their friends.

9. Agree a budget for spends

Give children a holiday allowance, agreed in advance. This way you don’t have to keep saying no…they can decide for themselves whether they want something, or not.

10. Accept that arguments will happen

It’s unrealistic to expect total harmony for 2 weeks. Don’t let a little spat spoil your time away…it’s not worth it!