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Cyprus Holiday Ideas

Here are 7 holiday ideas for 7 days in Cyprus. A holiday in the Mediterranean is like no other, and while you may be looking to enjoy the comforts of your own Cyprus holiday villa, it is only natural you may get itchy feet during your stay.

Luckily for you and your family, the island has a host of local attractions, and many holiday ideas, for you to enjoy during your visit that will make for the holiday of a lifetime. From ancient sites to the sandiest beaches, Cyprus has a whole world for you to experience.

We’ve laid out the very best attractions for you to witness during your time with us, all of them within reachable distance from our rental villas. Cyprus really will become the holiday you will never forget.

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

A World Heritage site, this historical park is located in south-west Cyprus and remains under excavation by archaeological teams. The most important archaeological remains there are four Roman villas that were uncovered with their original mosaic floors still intact. There have also been other fantastic discoveries made at the park, including an agora (marketplace), a Hellenistic-Roman theatre, and “The Tomb of the Kings”, a necropolis carved out of solid rock.

Kourion Beach

If you’re looking for a more relaxing escape from the towns, Cyprus has some fantastic beaches for you to enjoy. Kourion Beach in Kolossi is a very popular choice for locals and some visitors alike, with its natural beauty and clear blue waters. Quieter in the week than at weekends, it has additional amenities to make your visit enjoyable, including three restaurants right on the waters’ edge.

Sea Caves

For the intrepid adventurer, a visit to Ayia Napa’s Sea Caves is a must! This stunning natural landmark is great fun for the whole family, with access by boat and on foot, allowing you to jump into the water and discover the marvels of Mother Nature. Diving, swimming and snorkelling are recommended, and you may even find an octopus to catch here, too!

Fassouri & WaterWorld Waterparks

Nothing says family fun like a trip to the waterpark, and Fassouri & WaterWorld are a favourite spot for holidaymakers. these award-winning theme parks are a great day out for all, with several pools to enjoy and boasting more than 20 water slides! The kids will love it, and so will the adults.

Limassol Old Town

Want to take a quiet stroll and witness normal Cypriot life? A stroll down Limassol Old Town & Harbour may be just the ticket. Enjoy the fresh bay air and enjoy the sights of the many yachts resting in the magnificent marina. There are plenty of local restaurants, cafes and bars for your comfort, so sit back and relax while taking in the attractive harbour views.

Vouni Panayia Winery

If you enjoy a tipple of wine with your dinner, then a trip to the Vouni Panayia Winery is one of the best holiday ideas and a must when visiting Cyprus and. Located near Paphos, this modern winery is the perfect introduction into Cypriot viticulture. The winery shows you the whole process and gives you an insight into how the wine is made. Of course, there’s always a chance for tasting at the end of your visit, and there’s also a restaurant if you’d like a little food with your wine.

Saint Lazarus Church

Located in Larnaca, this 9th-century church is a popular tourist destination known for being the primary place of worship for Saint Lazarus (Agio Lazoros) whose tomb is located beneath the church. The church itself is beautifully designed, with a stunning wood-carved baroque iconostasis making the church well-worth visiting. Afterwards, you can always savour a traditional Cypriot meal at one of the many nearby restaurants.

Your Visit

Now that you’ve got plenty of holiday ideas for your trip to Cyprus, why not book yourself into one of our exquisite rental villas in Cyprus? A Cyprus holiday villa is the perfect way to experience your visit. Enjoy the luxury of your own space with full privacy, your own swimming pool and enough room for the whole family.

Make your next visit to Cyprus one that you all can enjoy together in comfort and without hassle. Make your next visit with the Mosaica Villas. Book your stay today.

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8 benefits of getting married abroad

If you have recently got engaged or looking to book a last-minute wedding in 2017, have you ever considered getting married abroad? There are many benefits of spending your special day overseas, and Cyprus is one of the most popular destinations for weddings abroad. Want to find out more?

Here are 8 benefits of getting married abroad:

1. Guarantee the weather

Wondering if the weather will hold out is almost a wedding tradition in the UK. The weather is totally hit and miss, even during the summer months. The dread of rain, wind or even snow on a wedding day can really dampen the mood. Booking a wedding abroad means there is no need to worry about windswept hair and ruined wedding photos. You can relax and enjoy the sun throughout your entire trip.

Cyprus has about 320 sunny days, with clear blue skies, per year!

2. Combine the wedding and honeymoon

One of the real benefits getting married abroad is that you can save a great deal of money by combining your wedding and honeymoon all in one. There is no need to stress about having to rush from your wedding to jump on a plane; you’ll have your loved ones and the hot sun all in one place. If you choose to stay in Cyprus, why not stay in one of our Cyprus Wedding Villas, so you can have your own space to invite your guests for the duration of the trip.

3. Finding a unique location

Unlike the traditional settings of a registry office, getting married abroad can give you the freedom to choose a gorgeous, unique spot for your ceremony. Whether you prefer to walk down the aisle on a sandy beach, or in a large private villa, the choice is completely up to you.

4. Lower costs

A UK wedding can cost anything up to £20,000. For young couples who have more important things to save up for, such as homes and cars, this figure is extremely steep. A holiday abroad is significantly cheaper. If you are hoping to tie the knot in Cyprus, the average price for wedding packages costs approximately £7000, almost one-third cheaper than a standard UK wedding. The cheaper cost can be a real pull factor when it comes to choosing a suitable destination for a wedding; therefore, an overseas wedding would be the real winner in this instance.

5. Writing guest lists

If you are looking for more on an intimate setting, having your wedding in Cyprus will give you the romantic setting you have always dreamed of. If you are worried about inviting certain guests to the ceremony, going overseas gives you the chance to escape from those pressures and an excuse to invite your nearest and dearest only. Due to the nature of getting married abroad, shortening your guest list can also reduce costs on the head count. If you don’t have a large selection of friends and acquaintances, this would also be an option to consider.

6. Be unique

If you are one to stand out from the crowd, getting married abroad could be the perfect way to create a memorable day not just as a couple but for all those who attend too. Only 1 in 5 couples choose to tie the knot abroad; therefore, you may not know many other couples who have chosen to do the same as you.

7. The good news

The good news is that you do not have to plan the whole process alone, a Local Wedding Planner can fully organize for you a tailor-made wedding package suited to your desires and requirements.
In fact, a local wedding planner in this case is a great option as the planner will be one who knows the locality very well. As such all the wedding arrangements will be set, confirmed and ready before your arrival in the Island.
All you have to do then is to enjoy your Dream Day and Holiday.

8. A place you may never have visited

If you have always dreamt of heading off on your dream holiday for a week in Cyprus, a wedding would be the perfect excuse to pack your bikini and swimming trunks and jet off to the destination of your dreams. Having a wedding in a destination you have never been to will add to the excitement once you arrive.

If you would like any further information on hiring a Cyprus holiday villa package, including a local wedding planner, for your overseas big day, please contact us at The Mosaica Villas today. We would be happy to welcome you for your special day!

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Cyprus Wedding and Honeymoon, combined on the Island of Love

Cyprus wedding and honeymoon. Two in one. The beauty about getting married in Cyprus is that you’re already on honeymoon. Wake-up the day after the wedding as Mr and Mrs, without having to face a day of travelling before you can start enjoying your newly-wed status.
Planning your dream honeymoon can be just as stressful as arranging the wedding itself. You can save yourself all this hassle by getting married abroad so you’re already in resort. No effort, no fuss, just celebration and enjoyment.
Contact our experienced wedding planners today to get started.

Many couples have to settle for a honeymoon a few days, or even weeks after the wedding because they can’t get the travel dates they want. The elation from the wedding day has worn off by this stage – so it’s not nearly as romantic. Whereas a wedding in Cyprus is extra special as you’re already in a romantic holiday destination…on the Island of Love and you can truly enjoy your Cyprus wedding and honeymoon.

Cyprus has lots to offer honeymooners from romantic walks on the beach to hiking in the Troodos Mountains. All year round sunshine, beautiful coastlines, fascinating historic cities and lively nightspots will ensure you have an unforgettable honeymoon.

The Villa Mosaica Honeymoon Experience

Wedding celebrations at our villas can go on for several days. There’s the pre-wedding dinner, guest arrivals, hen and stag nights. After the wedding, you can enjoy some quality time with your family too.

Many couples feel rushed and resent being whisked away on honeymoon when they’re still spinning from the wedding itself. It can actually be nice to spend a few days sharing this special time with your loved ones.

Villa Weddings

villa wedding gives you the added flexibility to hold a post-wedding breakfast, a thank you dinner for your parents, or a BBQ night with dancing under the stars. There’s a whole host of activities you can enjoy together – mosaic making classes, wine tasting, or even just lazing round your private swimming pool. This is great if you have children.

Our villas are large enough to enable you to hold the Wedding Ceremony as well as the Wedding Reception at the villa, while you can still enjoy ample privacy, so you get the best of everything. Plus, we include a bottle of champagne and flowers for newlyweds on the night of the wedding.

If you’d prefer a romantic getaway, we can arrange that you spend the remainder of your time in Cyprus at a luxury villa for two. The rest of the family and guests can fly back at leisure, while you continue to enjoy your Cyprus wedding & honeymoon and, of course, the ever shining Cypriot sun.

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10 Tips for a Fantastic Family Holiday in Cyprus

Looking for a fantastic family holiday? Here are ten tips which you can use while staying at a villa in Cyprus with your family & friends:

1. Stock-up

The beauty of staying at a self-catering villa in Cyprus is dining at your leisure. Ensure there are plenty of tasty delights in the fridge, as well as treats for the kids. Don’t just buy the basics, splurge at the supermarket to enhance your holiday.

2. Be adventurous

Try new things: Tzatziki, Haloumi, Koupepia (vine leaves), Commandaria wine. Get lots of cold meats, cheeses and salad items so there’s no need for cooking if you don’t feel like it. To create authentic Cypriot dishes look out for spice mixes such as Souvaki for skewered meats – perfect for the BBQ.

3. Plan what you can

To avoid disappointment, especially in peak season, plan trips and excursions in advance. Use the internet to find local tour operators, or contact us. You may even save money on tickets.

4. Inspire the children

If you plan on visiting the ancient sites and monuments, buy the children a fun book about Greek mythology. The birthplace of Aphrodite and the Sanctuary of Apollo will be so much more exciting for them.

5. Sunburn is not worth the risk

Don’t take any chances when it comes to the sun, you could ruin 2 or 3 days of your holiday. Have a strict rule that no-one goes outside until they’re plastered in factor 30. Even waterproof lotion wears-off, so don’t forget to re-apply.

6. Go outdoors

Do you want your Fantastic Family Holiday to be complete? Then, do not forget to explore the unspoilt beauty of the Troodos Mountains. Go hiking or cycling, with a network of trails to choose from including various sights, rare plants, waterfalls, and spectacular scenery. Have a prize for whoever spots a Mouflon – a wild sheep native only to Cyprus.

7. Try and get some time for yourself

It’s important for adults to get some alone-time to unwind. Agree that you’ll each have a day for yourself at some point during your vacation. On this day, your partner takes care of the kids and you do whatever you please.

8. Watch out for mobile roaming charges

Make doubly sure that all phones have data roaming turned off. Or better still, book a Cyprus villa with Wi-Fi. You can use Skype to call home and the kids can even chat to their friends.

9. Agree a budget for spends

Give children a holiday allowance, agreed in advance. This way you don’t have to keep saying no…they can decide for themselves whether they want something, or not.

10. Accept that arguments will happen

It’s unrealistic to expect total harmony for 2 weeks. Don’t let a little spat spoil your time away…it’s not worth it!

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Corporate Events & Entertainment

Corporate events require special facilities and Villa Mosaica has a lot to offer as a suitable venue for corporate events. Our 3 large, luxury villas just 7 minutes away from the vibrant city of Limassol make an ideal location.

The beauty of choosing our self-catering Cyprus villas, for corporate events, rather than an expensive conference hall is that we can offer you a more relaxed, authentic experience. The villas are in private, secure grounds for complete confidentiality necessary for business meeting events.

Guests for the events can lounge by the swimming pools in between meetings, and there’s a much better opportunity to get to know colleagues. Villa rental costs much less than a a traditional corporate events facility so your event’s budget will stretch much further.


Villa Mosaica has 9 bedrooms, sleeping up to 18 guests. Adjacent sister properties; Villa Aretousa and Amorosa have 8 and 4 bedrooms. Private and spacious, the villas all have their own swimming pool and are set in tropical gardens, with panoramic views. All accommodation has full wheelchair access. Between the three villas, we can accommodate up to 42 delegates for your event. We have six additional 3 and 4 bed properties in Pissouri, Paphos and Coral Bay to accommodate larger parties.


The many reception rooms, with large seating and dining areas will provide ample space for meetings and presentations during the event. There’s also a large veranda  and a large gazebo for outdoor activities. Wireless broadband internet connection is available. If you require anything extra, we can arrange it for you. Several cars can be parked on the large driveways.


Need ideas for a team building exercise? How about mosaic making classes at the villa by a local artist? Photini Stylianou can conduct classes on various mosaic art methods for different group sizes, at different levels. This will add fun and relaxation to event underway. The local area also has lots to offer companies including world class golf courses, health spas and night life. 340 days of sunshine per year means there are many outdoor activities to partake in, from skiing in the Troodos Mountains in winter, to group vineyard tours in the summer.


Airport transfers by minibus are available for large groups traveling to the event. We offer catering, and related, services for business meetings, poolside BBQ and large parties. This can be buffet style or formal dinners. We can provide decorations and entertainment for celebrations and parties following corporate events. Mosaica Villas are based in Cyprus so we can take care of everything you need for a successful event.

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The Name

Our luxury villas Mosaica, Aretousa and Amorosa are located just 7 minutes from Limassol city in a residential area called Kolossi, famed for its Medieval Castle by which it was named.

Kolossi town

On the outskirts of Limassol, nestled amidst the vineyards and citrus groves lies the small town of Kolossi. Staying in Kolossi gives you the chance to experience real Cyprus. A blend of ancient and modern, the town has plenty of amenities (in walking distance of our large Cyprus villas). This includes – local supermarkets, bakeries, taverns, restaurants, coffee shops and chemist.

It is a peaceful, relaxing place where you get to know the locals and experience the Cypriot way of life first-hand. There are a handful of beautiful churches and chapels, dating back to the 13 century. And of course, the magnificent Castle, linked with a number of significant events throughout Cyprus’s long history.

Kolossi Castle

Built in the 13th century, the imposing castle is a fine example of military architecture. It is 21m high over 3 floors, and is accessible by a short drawbridge. After a victorious battle against the Byzantine ruler, King of England Richard Lionheart took up residence before selling the castle to The Knights Templar.

It was subsequently re-built when it passed to the Knights of St John and was established as the seat of the Supreme military commandment (Grande Commanderie). The site became a vineyard; producing and exporting the sweet wine of the same name. Sugar canes were also processed here and you can see the remains of the refinery to the east of the castle.

Surrounding area

Kolossi has good public transport links and local taxis are available 24 hours a day. Vibrant, historic Limassol is just 11km away. Kourion Beach and the fascinating ancient city are just a 6 minute drive. Paphos is also easily accessible.

The rural village of Episkopi is closeby; home to the archaeological Museum of Kourion, overlooking the bay. You can also visit Cyprus Wine Museum in nearby Erimi, and stop off at Michaels Taverna to experience authentic Cypriot hospitality.

See flamingos and other migratory birds at the salt lake in Akrotiri, the RAF base is also located here. The cave church of Panagia Vounarkotissa, famed for its miracles is just 2km away.

In the village of Pissouri, there is a popular Sunday market perfect for fresh fruits, vegetables and other local produce to stock your fridge with.

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The Best Time To Visit Cyprus

What is the best time to visit Cyprus? The Island is one of the most southern points in Europe and has the warmest weather in the Mediterranean. It is a sub-tropical island, with a Mediterranean and semi-arid or steppe climate. This means it’s rated as group B on the Köppen humidity classification scale – desert is A, polar E.

The Ancients quite rightly referred to it as ‘the island of the sun,’ with its impressive 340 days of sunshine per year. As one of the hottest, driest places in Europe, our most frequently asked question is – when’s the best time to visit Cyprus?


As the warmest European winter destination, Cyprus enjoys very mild weather with temperatures ranging from 16-20°C in the daytime, and 7-11°C at night. January is the coldest month and has the most rain with a monthly average of 8 days. There is a great contrast between coastal weather and that of the Troodos Mountains, 1,952m above sea level. Mount Olympus is a ski resort with a low of 0°C and a high of 5°C. It’s possible to go skiing down the slopes and sunbathing on the beach in the same day.


The island is at its most beautiful in the spring months. Flowers are in bloom and the landscape is covered with colourful poppies, daisies, tulips and anemones. Rock-rose, peonies and orange blossoms grow in the mountains. The Akamas peninsula is famous for its wild orchids; home to many species, some extremely rare. Average temperatures are March 13°C, April 16°C and May 20°C. The milder weather means it a great time to enjoy sight-seeing and cultural activities.


11.5 hours of sun every day, reaching well into the 30’s makes Cyprus a holiday-makers paradise. The sea climbs to a warm-bath temp of 27° C and the beaches are the only place to be. If you prefer a cultural holiday, the archaeological sites are not very pleasant at this time of year due to the sweltering heat – consider going off-season. Sun-worshipers are in their element – white sandy beaches, warms seas, water-sports, cocktails and balmy summer nights.


The weather is warm and the sea temperature still pleasant, after the long hot summer. September is still very hot, reaching 29°C, whereas November’s average is 17°C. There is only a slim chance of rain; you may get caught-out if you visit later in the season. It’s harvest time in September, so don’t miss the wine festival & carnival in Limassol for free tastings. There are also many local celebrations; giving you the chance to experience real Cyprus.

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Wedding in Cyprus? – Which Venue?

Our Cyprus Wedding planners at The Mosaica Villas can assist you with deciding on Cyprus wedding venues. They can organise your civil or church ceremony in all the major areas of Cyprus. Whether you’d like a traditional church wedding, a relaxed service on the beach, or a private ceremony and reception at a luxury villa, we can help.

Wedding Villa

Get married in the grounds of a private, luxury villa in Limassol. Our three wedding villas: Mosaica, Aretousa and Amorosa are all located next to each other, each with own private pool, and are ideal for wedding celebrations. Combined they can sleep 48 guests. Ceremonies take place within the exotic gardens, with panoramic views of the sea and mountains. Wedding receptions can take place at either Villa Mosaica or Villa Aretousa where over 200 guests can be seated for the event. We’ll arrange your photographer, decorations, catering, music and entertainment. You can enjoy an intimate celebration, with family and friends, in complete seclusion and privacy.

The Beach

Have your dream wedding on the beach, barefoot, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A beach wedding is romantic, relaxed and atmospheric. You can hear the waves lapping the shore and feel the ocean breeze in your hair. We arrange for the ceremony to be conducted by Town Hall Marriage Officers. You can then be transported back to our villa for your reception, or board a yacht for a party at sea.

A Church

Church wedding ceremony? There are several choices. Traditional St Barnabus Anglican Church is situated in the heart of old-Limassol dates back to medieval times. St Catherine’s Catholic Church on Limassol’s sea-front is spectacular. Built in 1872, it has a stunning Byzantine fresco behind the alter. St Georges Chapel was built as a Greek Orthodox Church and is renowned for its colourful frescos. Saint Pauls Pillar Church is surrounded by Roman ruins and mosaics. Both are located in Paphos and offer Anglican and Catholic ceremonies.

The Town Halls

Town Halls, Yermasoyia, Paphos, Peyia, Yeroskipou, are popular civil ceremony venues.
Yermasoyia Town Hall is located east of Limassol in a beautiful hilly area overlooking the sea. Wedding ceremonies are held in the Cultural Centre, an old building renovated by preserving its original historical and traditional characteristics.
Paphos Town Hall is situated in the old town, it is an impressive neoclassical structure, with a beautiful columned entrance-way. Peyia is a traditional hillside village near Coral Bay. The venue is very private, set in secluded gardens – perfect for a peaceful, romantic ceremony. Yeroskipou is set in the mythical gardens of Aphrodite – a magical place, with sea views. We can provide limousine transportation to and from your wedding venue.

Cyprus Wine Museum

Located in Erimi – Limassol, about 5 minutes’ drive from our Limassol wedding villas, the Cyprus Wine Museum can be an ideal wedding ceremony venue with a different atmospheric style.
Holding your wedding in this beautiful traditional building can set a pleasant tone for your big day.

Luxury Yacht Weddings

What could be more romantic than tying the knot on board a luxury yacht then sailing off into the sunset? We can arrange for you to have a yacht wedding and then a reception on your own private charter. The package includes decorations, champagne on arrival, a buffet meal, wine and soft-drinks. Enjoy stunning views of the Cypriot coastline as you celebrate your newlywed status.

Contact us for details, availabilities and prices of weddings in Cyprus.

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Budget Cyprus Weddings?
The Economics of Getting Married

Villa Mosaica have the best Cyprus wedding packages available for those who are on a look for a budget Cyprus wedding. Getting married at one of our luxury villas means you have the ceremony, reception, accommodation and honeymoon combined. It’s the most economical option, allowing you to spread your wedding budget further…and have more to spend on your dress.
More about budget Cyprus weddings? Read on.

Have a small wedding

When you get married abroad you automatically solve a lot of problems. There’s no need to feel obliged to hold a large wedding and invite distant relatives, work colleagues and friends you haven’t seen for years. You can have a small, intimate celebration with family and close friends with absolutely no pressure or guilt. This will seriously keep the cost down.

Get a FREE ceremony and reception venue

Guests who book villa accommodation and all their wedding services with us, get the use of Villa Mosaica or Aretousa free. Venue hire is one of the most costly elements of a wedding so this is a massive saving. Book with us and venue costs for your Cyprus wedding will be zero. You can also use the villa for your hen and stag night…cocktails round the pool will cost a lot less than a night-out in Limassol.

No transportation required

Your ceremony, the reception and after-party will all take place within the villas grounds so there’s no limo to pay for. Plus, you’re actually staying there, so no-one will require taxis at the end of the evening.

Get the services of a wedding planner at no extra charge

All our wedding packages include the services of a wedding co-ordinator, in resort. This is a luxury you probably wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. All the arrangements will be taken care of; you just need to turn-up and enjoy the day.

Cheaper catering

Compared to the UK, the rest of Europe and USA prices, you’ll save a small fortune on catering for your guests. You can have a relaxed buffet style or BBQ meal, around the villa’s pool for a fraction of the cost of a more formal set-up. Our caterers will prepare for you delicious local cuisine, champagne, wines and soft drinks. Our Villa staff will set all plates, glasses, cutlery ready on the tables and will then set the meal, in a buffet style, and depart.
The same staff will return later to clear away and leave to let you continue with your celebration.

Luxurious, budget Cyprus weddings

Our Cyprus wedding villas are set in beautiful surroundings, with lush tropical gardens, sea and mountain views with easy access to shopping, restaurants and entertainment. You and your guests will celebrate pool-side, by the gazebo in complete privacy and seclusion. The villas are spacious, with elegant décor, four-poster beds and en-suite bathrooms. The large Villa Mosaica also has a sauna and Jacuzzi. Despite the fact you’ll be spending less, you’ll get a more spectacular wedding.

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Cyprus Wedding Costs Tue, 02 Apr 2013 19:02:07 +0000 Cyprus Wedding costs versus UK Wedding expenses Cyprus [...]

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Cyprus Wedding costs versus UK Wedding expenses

Cyprus wedding costs are low. Getting married in Cyprus has many advantages – warm weather, exotic venues, romance and excitement. However, the number one reason people choose to tie the knot in Cyprus is cost.

Wedding Survey: The Most Expensive wedding Items

In 2011, You & Your Wedding Magazine surveyed 1500 brides-to-be and found that the average cost of a UK wedding was £19,779

[€23,461.00 Euro].
This figure includes everything from the engagement party to the wedding rings. The most expensive items are wedding food, the honeymoon and hiring a venue – here’s a breakdown of some of the elements:
Food £3,075 [€3650.00 Euro] Honeymoon £2,935 [€3,483.00 Euro] Venue Hire £2,448 [€2905.00 Euro] Drink £1,205 [€1430.00 Euro] Entertainment £654 [€776.00 Euro] Cars/transport £388 [€460.00 Euro] First night at a hotel £180 [€214.00 Euro]

Wedding Research

Research by Mintel in 2011 revealed that 1 in 5 British couples get married abroad. In 2010 266,000 weddings took place in the UK and 57,000 ceremonies took place abroad – that’s 18%. They stated that cost was the main factor responsible for the 27% increase in weddings abroad. The average spend on a wedding aboard is £6,585 [€7814.00 Euro] – a third of the cost of a wedding in the UK.

A wedding abroad: Stress Free Wedding Planning

Planning and stress is another reason not to get married in England. The average number of guests at a UK wedding is 96. Many couples resent having to spend so much money catering for relatives they haven’t seen since they were 6. A wedding abroad allows you to opt for a small, intimate occasion without offending anyone. This means lower costs and much less hassle.

Choosing Europe means it’s accessible enough for your nearest and dearest to attend. At the same time, travelling 3000 miles will be out the remit of those relatives, friends and acquaintances that you aren’t that close to.

Get Married in Cyprus at our Wedding Villas with 14 guests for just €5,510 Euro

Wedding costs in Cyprus are considerably lower than the UK, the rest of Europe and the USA. Here’s what you can get for a €5,510 Euro package when you hire a wedding villa with us. The package includes the following:

7 Nights’ accommodation at a luxury villa for 16 guests [The Wedding Couple with 14 Guests] Use of the villa as a venue for the wedding ceremony and reception
Reception meal, for 16 guests [The Wedding Couple with 14 Guests], served at the Villa
Complete Wedding Planning Service
Wedding Flowers
Still Wedding Photography
2-Tier Wedding Cake

A Large Wedding & Wedding Reception Venue for Free

When you book your villa accommodation with us – we give you the use of the villa as a ceremony or a reception venue for FREE. That’s an immediate saving of £2,448 [€2904.00 Euro] (the average cost of venue hire in the UK). Plus, you’re already on honeymoon.
Contact us now to book your dream wedding in the sun.

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