8 benefits of getting married abroad

If you have recently got engaged or looking to book a last-minute wedding in 2017, have you ever considered getting married abroad? There are many benefits of spending your special day overseas, and Cyprus is one of the most popular destinations for weddings abroad. Want to find out more?

Here are 8 benefits of getting married abroad:

1. Guarantee the weather

Wondering if the weather will hold out is almost a wedding tradition in the UK. The weather is totally hit and miss, even during the summer months. The dread of rain, wind or even snow on a wedding day can really dampen the mood. Booking a wedding abroad means there is no need to worry about windswept hair and ruined wedding photos. You can relax and enjoy the sun throughout your entire trip.

Cyprus has about 320 sunny days, with clear blue skies, per year!

2. Combine the wedding and honeymoon

One of the real benefits getting married abroad is that you can save a great deal of money by combining your wedding and honeymoon all in one. There is no need to stress about having to rush from your wedding to jump on a plane; you’ll have your loved ones and the hot sun all in one place. If you choose to stay in Cyprus, why not stay in one of our Cyprus Wedding Villas, so you can have your own space to invite your guests for the duration of the trip.

3. Finding a unique location

Unlike the traditional settings of a registry office, getting married abroad can give you the freedom to choose a gorgeous, unique spot for your ceremony. Whether you prefer to walk down the aisle on a sandy beach, or in a large private villa, the choice is completely up to you.

4. Lower costs

A UK wedding can cost anything up to £20,000. For young couples who have more important things to save up for, such as homes and cars, this figure is extremely steep. A holiday abroad is significantly cheaper. If you are hoping to tie the knot in Cyprus, the average price for wedding packages costs approximately £7000, almost one-third cheaper than a standard UK wedding. The cheaper cost can be a real pull factor when it comes to choosing a suitable destination for a wedding; therefore, an overseas wedding would be the real winner in this instance.

5. Writing guest lists

Our Happy WeddingIf you are looking for more on an intimate setting, having your wedding in Cyprus will give you the romantic setting you have always dreamed of. If you are worried about inviting certain guests to the ceremony, going overseas gives you the chance to escape from those pressures and an excuse to invite your nearest and dearest only. Due to the nature of getting married abroad, shortening your guest list can also reduce costs on the head count. If you don’t have a large selection of friends and acquaintances, this would also be an option to consider.

6. Be unique

If you are one to stand out from the crowd, getting married abroad could be the perfect way to create a memorable day not just as a couple but for all those who attend too. Only 1 in 5 couples choose to tie the knot abroad; therefore, you may not know many other couples who have chosen to do the same as you.

7. The good news

The good news is that you do not have to plan the whole process alone, a Local Wedding Planner can fully organize for you a tailor-made wedding package suited to your desires and requirements.
In fact, a local wedding planner in this case is a great option as the planner will be one who knows the locality very well. As such all the wedding arrangements will be set, confirmed and ready before your arrival in the Island.
All you have to do then is to enjoy your Dream Day and Holiday.

8. A place you may never have visited

If you have always dreamt of heading off on your dream holiday for a week in Cyprus, a wedding would be the perfect excuse to pack your bikini and swimming trunks and jet off to the destination of your dreams. Having a wedding in a destination you have never been to will add to the excitement once you arrive.

If you would like any further information on hiring a Cyprus holiday villa package, including a local wedding planner, for your overseas big day, please contact us at The Mosaica Villas today. We would be happy to welcome you for your special day!