Getting Married in Cyprus

Cyprus is a popular wedding destination. For an increasing number of visitors, Cyprus is not only becoming a perfect destination for romantic holidays but also, the perfect location for getting married in a relaxed and calm atmosphere.
Visitors have a variety of reasons for choosing a Cyprus wedding; for older couples, often marrying for the second time, it is fun to have a completely different style of wedding ceremony. Others are attracted by the island’s wonderful mild climate that offers visitors 340 sunny days each year. Everyone relishes the idea of relaxing in a quality wedding villa and really enjoying a carefree and leisurely time together, while their wedding coordinator takes care of all the details of the wedding arrangements.

Say “I DO” In Cyprus

Many couples choose Cyprus for their wedding destination due to financial reasons. The cost of a standard wedding, is high in the UK and the rest of Europe. Many feel it is an unnecessary expense at the start of their married life. Nevertheless, people still want a special and memorable wedding.
The Caribbean used to be the traditional destination for a marriage in the sun. But for many, the cost of such a holiday is prohibitive. It often means that parents and other family members cannot accompany the couple. In many cases both partners work and to make a trip to the Caribbean worthwhile they must spend there two weeks or more. Although this sounds marvelous it is however, not practical.
Cyprus offers the same perfect weather and carefree holiday atmosphere as the Caribbean and is much more affordable. There’s a wide range of holiday villas offering accommodation to suit every budget. Flight times from Europe & the UK are short enough to make it possible for guests and relatives, even those with work commitments at home, to join the wedding couple for a long weekend or a week’s holiday. Parents of the couple often combine the wedding with their annual holiday. All this makes Cyprus a more economical choice. It is not unusual to find a wedding party of more than thirty on board the same flight heading for a wedding in Cyprus.

One of the main attractions of getting married in Cyprus is the relaxing way in which it is organized. Couples are therefore delighted to find that they can have the wedding of their dreams in Cyprus.
At the Cyprus Villas, our team of wedding coordinators & planners carry out their duties is such a way so as to provide our clients with the utmost relaxation and to take away all stress and anxiety they might have before and during the wedding process.
Our wedding planners work closely with our guest & wedding clients on their wedding requirements and details, before the couples arrival in Cyprus. The result is that when our guests arrive to the island all the wedding paper work and other aspects would have been taken care of and decided upon as required by the couple.
All what is left then for our guests to do when they arrive in Cyprus is to enjoy their wedding & holiday in complete relaxation while our wedding coordinators go about executing all the wedding requirements as agreed upon.
Its worth noting here that as an added facility, it is now possible to hold the official Civil Wedding Ceremony at one of our large wedding villas: Villa Mosaica or Villa Aretousa in the Limassol area. The Marriage Officers, from the Registry Office at Town Hall, can now visit the Villa to perform the wedding ceremony. As this is the same Villa where our guests are staying for the duration of their wedding & holiday, this new facility therefore provides our guests with more relaxation and peace of mind which is, of course, the purpose of getting married in Cyprus in the first place.

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