Enjoyable Holidays with Children

Who said that holidays should not be enjoyable when you have your kids along?
When you’re travelling with children, you need to be well equipped. The extra facilities provided in our Cyprus holiday villas will make your life much easier. A washing machine or microwave can be a big help.

Eat What You Want

When it comes to foreign food, children can be extremely fussy and hotels don’t always cater adequately for children’s tastes. You can stock your fridge full of their favourites and eat when-ever you want, without being tied to set times.

You Can Relax

no need to worry about what the children are getting up to, whether they’re making too much noise or splashing the elderly lady who’s trying to do lengths. Plus, you can relax in the knowledge your children will be safe in your own private villa.

Less Noise

If your room overlooks the pools or entrainment areas in a hotel, you can expect a noise. Plus paper thin walls means you can expect noise from neighbouring rooms.

No Set Meal Times

If you drift off to sleep early in the evening round by the pool – there’s no need to worry you’ll miss dinner. Similarly, you can sleep in without having to get up for breakfast.

Private Pool

Our Cyprus holiday villas have their own pool so you can relax in complete privacy. You won’t need to wait until it’s quieter to swim or do a few lengths and you’ll always get the best sun-bed.

No Crowds

Whether it’s queuing at the bar, reception or lift, battling to get your morning coffee in the dining room or the best sun-loungers, hotel-life can be hectic, especially in high-season.

Save Money

If you’re a party of 4 or more, you will save a considerable amount of money. Rather than paying for multiple hotel rooms, you can enjoy the space and freedom of a holiday villa. Plus, the self-catering facilities will allow you to spend less on eating and drinking out.

Enjoy More Facilities

Enjoy a private swimming pool, Wi-Fi internet connection, entertainment systems, BBQ, fully equipped kitchen, and laundry facilities. This convenience can be a life-saver, when you have children.

Get More Space

The average hotel room size in Europe is around 11 square meters. Why be cramped in a room this size with no space for your belongings, when you could enjoy an entire villa?
Our smallest villa in Cyprus is about 305 square meters with a garden of about 400 square meters around it. This is a very comfortable area for a family of 6 – 8 persons to spend their holidays with their children enjoying the abundance and luxury of space.