Private Wedding Venue, Please?

Any hotel clerk will tell you that having a wedding at a hotel is a truly bad idea. While many brides and grooms actually enjoy the festivities around them and are oblivious to the horrors going on right under their noses, most people recognize what is going and wish in hindsight that they had chosen a more private affair. Learn the 5 biggest reasons to never have a wedding at a hotel.

First and foremost, hotels are designed to offer sleeping quarters to guests. Guests that have nothing to do with the wedding party, but will surely act like they have every right to be there. Unless you reserve the entire hotel (and pay two lifetimes fortunes in the process), you will have uninvited guests at your wedding. It doesn’t matter if your wedding is held entirely in the conference center where nosy parkers can’t get in, the hotel guests will find you, they will gawk at you, and then they’ll come down to the front desk to get the scoop on the wedding party and what’s going on (they’ll also sneak into your party and grab a quick snack).

Another thing that totally sucks about a hotel wedding is that you can’t be noisy- all those guests who aren’t trying to stalk you to steal your cake or gossip about your dress are complaining about you. They hate the music coming from the ballroom, the fact that your whole family has taken over the courtyard, they can’t get in the pool from all the ‘noisy kids’ in there, that everybody is running around and having a good time. And they’ll come up to you and tell you to knock it off (after all, they are paying guests to have some relaxation, too). It’s like having a party in an apartment complex- anyone who is not part of the festivities is going to complain about it nonstop.

Think the hotel’s front desk will be on your side? Guess again. They see weddings all the time, and have nothing better to do than to compare your dress to those of previous brides, talk about how cute, or not so cute, the groom is, and overall aren’t as into your wedding day as much as you’d like them to be. Hotel clerks are not paid to cater to you and your annoying, noisy crew, and as they watch your groom carry you to the elevator on the way to the honeymoon suite, they can’t help but talk trash about you as you leave in wedded bliss.
Think the hotel’s wedding planner will be on your side, either? Nope. Unless you hired a professional wedding planner or event planner, relying on a hotel sales’ person (which is what most hotels have for hotel wedding events) will leave you wanting to pull your hair out. Most hotel sales’ people are skilled in reserving rooms for business people and school sports’ programs, not your glamorous wedding. Hotel sales’ staff will leave you lacking (and will probably leave you entirely- try to find the hotel wedding planner right when you need them and the front desk will tell you he/she already went home and did not leave their cell phone number) and make you wonder why you went the hotel wedding route to begin with.

Imagine a stage setting for an outdoor wedding in a beautiful courtyard, which is where most weddings are held in hotels. Now, imagine being the unfortunate bride who has her outdoor wedding dreams slashed by a thunderstorm. At the last minute all the chairs and decor are moved into the lobby, where the bride will now ascend the winding staircase to meet her groom standing before a grandiose piano with a burning fire in the hearth behind him. Gorgeous harp music is playing in the background, and the bride (and her anxious mother) can breathe a sigh in relief. The wedding is going to pull off after all…

Except the whole wedding is witnessed by guests checking in at the front desk just 20 feet away. The phone rings nonstop and interrupts the vows. Guests just checking in gawk and stare and sit on the very staircase the bride just glided down to get a better view (some even take pictures). The front desk clerk is too busy trying in vain to drown out the music and cheering and clapping behind around them so they can make phone reservations to attend to the bridal party they don’t give a crap about. People wandering out of the bar attached to the lobby are hooting and hollering and grappling the bride while arm-punching her poor groom.

Think this doesn’t happen? Guess again. Too much can absolutely go wrong when it comes to a wedding in a hotel, from guests to indifferent hotel staff, to poorly managed wedding settings to courtyards gone bad. If you want the wedding of your dreams, try to involve as few strangers as possible, and stay away from those misleading beautiful hotel lobbies. You may just end up with more than you bargained for.
If you want complete privacy and a wedding day to fully enjoy and remember, you should aim for a Private Villa Wedding where the whole property and all the guests are yours.