Ideal wedding destination

What is an ideal wedding destination? More and more people are choosing to have their wedding abroad.
For some people the reasons may be financial; it is estimated that wedding expenses in some of the costlier locations, such as the UK, may average EUR30,000. This is a not trivial amount of money, especially in the currently depressed economic environment. In these cases a wedding abroad could be a much more economically sensible and viable option.

A Cyprus wedding for example could be as low as EUR5,000 including flights and accommodation, making it a great choice, and an ideal wedding destination, for couples who would prefer to save funds for life’s other great expenses such as buying a property, or preparing for the future growth in family numbers.

Nevertheless, a more cost effective destination need not mean a less attractive wedding experience. For a truly unique and elegant experience one could consider a wedding villa.
A luxurious villa costs less to rent than equivalent quality hotel wedding facilities. Equally important, if not more so, with the luxury of space and privacy only a large wedding villa can offer, it is a far cry from the hotel wedding conveyor belt.

For others, the reasons may be legal or religious. Western couples living and working in some Middle East countries for instance may find it difficult, if not impossible, to marry in their country of residence. For these couples a wedding abroad is in some cases the only option.

There’s also a large number of couples who choose to marry to avoid any unsavoury legal or cultural repercussions. Some countries may not be sympathetic to unmarried couples, especially if they live together. A straightforward solution for these couples is to fly to Cyprus, have the wedding, and return to the country of residence a happily married couple – and above the long arm of the local religious law.

But the most common reason people choose to marry abroad is because it is simply a great opportunity to travel, sample a foreign culture, change the scenery, do something different and get away from it all for a short sweet while. The added bonus of a wedding in Cyprus are the brilliant year round sunshine and the bluest of blue Mediterranean skies, which virtually guarantee incredibly radiant wedding photos and videos!

Cyprus is ideally located at the crossroads of three continents, and this makes it a convenient central meeting destination for couples with friends and family spread across Europe, Asia and Africa. And as it is only a few hours by plane from most European countries it is a more accessible option than sunny island holiday locations further afield such as Mauritius or the Caribbean.
A wedding in Cyprus is a straightforward and stress-free process. The paperwork requirements and other formalities are clear, and a well organised Cyprus Wedding Planner could accomplish a wedding, right from the very first enquiry about one’s preferred wedding package to “you may now kiss the bride” in hardly a few days.

Bureaucracy, convoluted procedures and tortuous rules are best left for other countries. We like to keep matters uncomplicated, practical and relaxed in Cyprus. Additionally, Cyprus is a European Union country with modern legal and social structures and frameworks, and, as such, a wedding on the island is internationally recognised and valid.

Great Beaches & All Day Sunsine

Cyprus with its idyllic beaches, azure skies, and amazing history and culture, coupled with modern and efficient wedding services, and lower costs, is an ideal destination for a wedding abroad.
It is no wonder an increasing number of people choose Cyprus for their special day. If you are thinking of getting married, or renewing your vows, consider Cyprus for your wedding abroad destination and prepare for a refreshingly relaxing and joyous experience.