Kids Villa Holidays in Cyprus

Kids villa holidays can be difficult to plan. There are so many things to consider. Will the children be bored? What will we do if they don’t like the food? What can we do in the evenings? Is there something for all ages to enjoy?
Here are 5 reasons why kids love our villa holidays in Cyprus.

1. They don’t get forced to eat ‘unknown’ food

Children are notoriously fussy eaters. They know what they like and how they like it. Therefore they may not appreciate a hotel menu that’s predominantly made up of local dishes.
When it comes to foreign food, children can be extremely fussy and hotels don’t always cater adequately for children’s tastes. You can stock your fridge full of their favourites and eat when-ever you want, without being tied to set times.

2. They can have more fun in the pool

When you have decided on a kids villa holiday, rent a villa with a private pool and see the delight on your children’s faces. They’ve got a whole swimming pool to themselves for diving, bombing, catapulting and water fun.

3. They get into less trouble

Having your own private space means kids have less restrictions when it comes to play. There’s no-one for your boisterous boys to disrupt or disgruntle. Girls can play the soundtrack to High School Musical without upsetting the older couple in the room next door. This means there’s no need for any telling-offs, or arguments that upset your holiday. If they’re a little over-excited it’s OK…you’re in private surroundings.

4. They can help themselves to a well-stocked fridge

You can fill the fridge full of snacks and treats for the kids to help themselves to. This means they won’t get grumpy while waiting for set hotel mealtimes.

5. They get fun days out

If you’ve paid for hotel meals, you’re restricted to stay in the hotel vicinity. A self-catering villa means you get more freedom – so can enjoy the many family attractions that Cyprus has to offer. This includes the Camel Park Larnaca, Ostrich Wonderland Theme Park in Lefkosia, Fasouri “Water mania” in Limassol, and the Island Cove Adventure Mini Golf in Paphos.

6. They get more Euros spent on them

A villa holiday will work our cheaper than a staying in a hotel. You can save money on accommodation, and meals and drinks out by eating at the villa, so you’ll have more to spend on the little extras that make a family holiday fun.

7. They’re never ever bored

During kids villa holidays, children can occupy themselves completely. Even if they tire of the swimming pool – there’s satellite TV, DVDs, music and internet access. Older children and teenagers can even chat to their friends on Facebook.