Lemesos: Popular with overseas visitors

Lemesos (Limassol in English) is the second largest city in Cyprus stretching along the island’s southern coast. Lemesos, to which visitors from overseas come visiting all year round, has a central location between the east and west coasts and is thus the perfect stepping point from which one can go sightseeing around the island of Cyprus.
Lemesos area starts just after Governor’s Beach which lies some 15km to the east of the town, and continuing south all the way to the boundaries of Ipsonas & Kolossi villages. In between these two points and laying from north to south in sequence, are the following areas which constitute part of greater Limassol:
This is the site of the Amathus Ruins which dates back to the Roman and Christian periods. The ruins consist of the Agora (market place), the sanctuary of Aphrodite and the Tomb of Ariadne. The later two are now being used as venues for theatre & dance performances.
The paved Seaside Walkway starts at the Amathus area and continues, hugging the sea side, for several miles all the way to the Limassol Old Port.

This area, also known as the Tourist area, is actually run by the Yermasoyia Municipality seated in the village with the same name and separated from it by the A1 Motorway. The Tourist area which consists of a large number of hotels, holiday apartments, restaurants, Taverns, pubs, bars, night clubs and shops, stretches along side the sea side all the way to next area which is known as Linopetra, also part of Lemesos.

Lemesos Municipal Garden:
Further south along the coast¬line are the Lemesos Municipal Gardens. The Garden is where the well known annual Wine Festival is held every year at around beginning of September.
The Lemesos Wine Festival features all aspects of Cypriot wine production: history, origin and qualities of wine in Cyprus. Tradi¬tional music and dance are performed during the Wine Festival with many stalls offering tradition Cypriot food. Wine is of course available in limitless amount free of charge.
The Municipal Garden also houses an open-air theatre where musical productions and concerts are held dur¬ing the summer season.

Limassol Old Town:
Continuing further south along the seafront is the outdoor Sculpture Park situated on the Promenade near the Limassol Old Port. The Lemesos Promenade is here the annual, during July, Limassol Beer Festival is held.
Leaving the Sculpture Park behind and continuing south is the Limassol Old Port which is no longer in operation as the main port. There is a new port further south off the Omonia & Zakaki areas.
The Lemesos Old Port is now a harbour for fishing boats and similar small vessels. To the right of the Old Port is the Limassol Castle, which houses the Mediaeval Museum. This is actually the area of the Old Town where Limassol originally began life. Many of the old buildings in this area have been restored in their old styles, but with the addition of all modern amenities. Several of these building now traditional cafes and restaurants which have become very popular with the local residents of Lemesos.