Limassol Carob Mill Complex

Cyprus is an island where past blends with present wherever you go, and nowhere is this more evident than at the Limassol Carob Mill complex.
Located next to the Medieval Castle near Limassol’s Old Port, the carob mill complex is a stunning collection of renovated buildings, blending some of the latest technology with elements of traditional Cypriot industry to create a fascinating place to visit.
Originally constructed as warehouses, the buildings later became a carob mill and played an important part in what was once one of the island’s most important export industries. It is easy to forget what a major part carobs played in the Cypriot economy. Used in a variety of products and known locally as “Black Gold”, carobs were of huge importance to the local economy and provided a great deal of income through exports. In the Limassol Carob Mill, carobs would be collected, ground and separated into their various sub-products before being transported by donkey to the nearby port and exported to countries all over the globe, including England, Egypt and Russia.
As times changed and the exports of carob products decreased, the buildings came to be used as a storage place for fertilizers. In recent years, it became evident that this was a less than appropriate use for such elegant and historic buildings, so NP Lanitis Entertainment Ltd. took the decision to turn the 3,000 esq. building into a multi-purpose venue which could be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.
The end result is a selection of vast buildings, all beautifully restored and adapted for modern uses.
Combining restaurants, cafes, shops, traditional machinery and the unique, state-of-the-art ‘Time Elevator Cyprus’, today’s Limassol Carob Mill has much to offer.
Karatello is a Cypriot restaurant where visitors can enjoy authentic, traditional local dishes with recipes that have been passed down through the generations as well as modern Cypriot cuisine. Visitors can also enjoy local, hand-made sweets. Artima is an Italian Mediterranean restaurant that serves regional fish and meat dishes in a stylish atmosphere.
For those looking to enjoy something a little lighter than a full meal, Stretto and the Mill Cafe offer a variety of drinks and light refreshments, either local or international, all contained within a comfortable and inviting environment.
The Mill Cafe offers a unique ambience, located next to renovated Carob Mill machinery which is still in place from the days when the buildings housed a thriving export business. A fascinating mechanical structure dating from the 19th Century, the Carob Mill grinding machines are a collection of pulleys, buckets and conveyors, which make for a most unorthodox backdrop whilst you enjoy your coffee.
A handicraft shop is also located within the complex, selling many examples of local, hand-made goods including icons, pottery, wood-carvings, ceramics and much more. The northern section of the Mill houses the Evagoras Lanitis Centre which, in cooperation with the Laiki Group, feature exhibitions on the cultural achievements of Man.

Cultural and Tourist Centre

With the re-development of the Carob Mill complex as a cultural and tourist centre amidst the backdrop of Limassol Castle, it is fitting that one of the Carob mill’s main attractions should concentrate on the island’s long and fascinating history. Blending the latest in entertainment technology with centuries of Cypriot heritage, the Carob Mill’s Time Elevator is a must-see for any visitor or holiday maker keen to learn more about the island of Aphrodite.
Combining what can best be described as an interactive-cinema with an introductory trivia quiz and wonderful decor, the Time Elevator is both fun and educational, offering visitors a truly memorable experience. Before the main show, visitors are invited to participate in a fun quiz in a room impressively decorated with a variety of copper mining equipment. After the quiz, a short film is shown to introduce the visitor to the Time Elevator experience and to give you some idea of what to expect. Following this, you are led into a 100 seat theatre where you are invited to sit in a 10-seater vehicle for your simulated ride through history. Once you are seated, the show begins. Using the ‘4-D’ formula (sight, sound, movement and feeling), what follows is an amazing multi-sensory experience combining panoramic projection with sophisticated, motion-based seating and a 25-minute movie.
Your journey offers thrills, spills and special effects and takes you on a guided tour of Cypriot history, from the arrival of Teucer, founder of Salamina, to the visit of the Apostles Barnabas and Paul; from Richard the Lionheart to the struggle for Independence and the Turkish invasion of 1974. You will also learn about the importance of copper in the island’s history, and how Cyprus has evolved into the vibrant and popular island that it is today.
The film is fast paced, fun and informative as well as being historically accurate. Made in conjunction with leading historians and archaeologists, it brings to life the important moments of Cypriot history in such a way that children and adults alike will be enthralled. Through head phones, the movie can be enjoyed in English, Greek, German, Russian or French. Fixed seating is also available.
Whether you are a business visitor to the island, a holiday maker or a local resident keen to learn more about Cyprus, someone looking to take guest somewhere a little different or a teacher looking for a fun and informative place to take students, the Limassol Carob Mill is a fascinating place to visit. When coupled with the Castle next door, it is an ideal day out on Limassol seafront with lots to offer the whole family.