Limassol: City with an old history

Limassol old city centreThe city centre of Limassol actually comprises the very old part of the town which gives the inhabitants of those areas several reasons to keep falling in love with this vibrant town. The revival of this part of Limassol was largely invigorated by the opening of the Lanitis Carob Mill complex in the Old Castle area followed by the emergence of new cafes, bars and restaurants within the area stretching from the medieval castle all the way to the municipal library. This upward trend has continued and was strengthened with the establishment of the new Limassol Technological University, as well as the completion of the Columbia Plaza complex of restaurants, bars and cafes in the very well known Agiou Andreou street.

In spite of these new developments, Limassol city centre old craftsmen and workmen continue to coexist side by side with the newly arrived contemporary artists and trendy young visitors in the historical neighbourhoods of a town renowned for its rich and diverse culture as well as its festive activities.