Mosaic Art at The Cyprus Villas

Beautiful Original Mosaic Artwork

Mosaic art works decorate three of our large Cyprus villas: Villa Mosaica, Villa Aretousa and Villa Amorosa. The mosaic artworks are the creation of Mrs. Photini Stylianou, a Mosaic & Stained Glass Artist. Material used by Photini to create these original mosaic artworks were: hand-cut glazed tiles, stone, metallic blended & iridescent glass, normal glass, broken mirror, vitreous glass tiles, smalti, marble gems, pebbles & sea shells.

Mosaic Art. Large mosaic artwork table under progress.

More mosaic artwork by Photini can be viewed at The Mosaic Art Gallery.
Below are some of the mosaic artworks created by Photini and are on display at our Cyprus villas.

Mosaic Art - Mosaic Table

Mosaic Table – Work in progress

Mosaic Art - Dionysos and Akme

Dionysos and Akme

Mosaic Art - Mosaic Dining Table

Mosaic Dining Table

Mosaics and stained Glass Artist

Photini, a mosaic and stained glass artist, who was inspired by mosaic art found in historical monasteries & sites around Cyprus, creates modern, traditional as well as Byzantine mosaics for internal & external use and display.

Original Artwork and Reproduction

Photini’s mosaic artwork spans various artistic creations as well as mosaics reproductions of modern art. Please visit The Mosaic Art Gallery to view artwork by Photini and other artists.
The Mosaic Art Gallery.

Mosaic Art - The Wedding Birds
Mosaic Art - Mosaic Table Completed

Mosaic Table – Completed

Mosaic Art - Round Mosaic Table

Round Mosaic Table

Mosaic Art - Mosaics Lesson

Mosaic Art Lesson

Mosaic Art - Mosaic Dancer

The Mosaic Dancer

Some of Photini’s Mosaic Artwork:

Mosaic Art - Dancer in Mosaic

Dancer in Mosaic

Mosaic Art - Mosaic Shell

Mosaic Shell

Mosaic Art - Rooster Jar

Leda & The Swan

Mosaic Art - Leda and The Swan

Rooster Jar

Mosaic Art - Dancing Salomi

Dancing Salomi

Mosaic Art - Dionysos Peacock

Dionysos Peacock

Mosaic Workshop

Cyprus is famous for its mosaics art; the House of Dionysos, Theseus, Aion, and the House of Orpheus are some earlier examples of this. You’ll also see fine displays at a myriad of Byzantine monasteries & churches throughout the country.

During Your Holiday

During your stay at our Cyprus holiday villas, we offer you a unique opportunity to find out more about this ancient art form. You can enjoy private mosaic classes from the comfort of your villa by esteemed artist Photini Stylianou. Photini’s is a mosaic and stained glass artist, her work is a medley of her own unique creations, along with mosaic reproductions of modern art. Several of Photini’s mosaic art works are on display at our Limassol Villas: Mosaica, Aretousa and Amorosa.

At Our Cyprus Villas

Classes are available for different group sizes, at different levels and cover various mosaic art methods. When you’re back at home – you can get busy with a DIY table-top project to remind you of your time on the beautiful island.
Photini provides private lessons for those interested in learning the art of mosaics. Our guests at the villas can combine their holiday’s in Cyprus with mosaic classes conducted by Photini. Classes are available for different group sizes at different levels covering various mosaic art methods. Please Contact Photini for details and to arrange a mosaic course.

Contact us for more info on our Mosaic Art workshops