The key to the perfect family holiday

What is the secret to the perfect family holiday? Sun, sea, sand, good food and wine, and plenty of things to do, are just some characteristics of the ideal vacation. Of course, this will vary depending on your individual preferences and what you like to do together as a family. However, there is one common denominator that’s normally near the top every holidaymakers list; rest & relaxation.

Private Villas: Relaxed Holiday Every Time

Renting a holiday villa is a sure-fire route to family relaxation. The R&R factor at a villa far outweighs what you’d experience staying at a hotel. One of the main reasons for this is the extra privacy you get.
This privacy gives you peace and quiet, so you can lay by the pool and relax without having to suffer other people’s noise. It gives you space, seclusion, and that feeling of ‘getting away from it all.’ But, more than that – it gives you and your family the freedom to be yourselves.
There’s no need to worry about, or be considerate of other people. You get to be selfish – at least for 1 or 2 weeks of the year anyway. This is a very exciting prospect indeed, especially for the kids. The children get to have more fun; whether they want to sing, shout, splash, dive, bomb, or ball.
It can be liberating for adults too – whether you want to play Sinatra in the afternoons, or not bother getting dressed-up at mealtimes. It’s your holiday – on your terms.

Space for Every One

The fact that each family member has more space and fewer restrictions means that arguments are less likely. There’s always one ‘blow out,’ that’s normally sparked by over-excited kids or an embarrassing incident round the pool. Avoid that additional pressure, and give everyone the freedom and space to enjoy the sunshine and a perfect family holiday.
The sad thing is that 9 times out of 10, children are not always to blame. It’s the adult hotel residents that love to grumble and complain – they can’t do lengths in the pool, there’s too much noise, the youth of today….etc.
Other guests also get up at dawn to steel all the best sunbeds and you end up in a cramped corner that doesn’t get any sun. Or, they’re in front of you in the queue when you need your morning caffeine fix. It’s these little things that start to grate on you, especially in 30 degrees of heat.
That’s why a private space is the ideal environment for families to relax. Thus giving you the perfect holiday – so forget that 5 star hotel and secure your keys to a luxury villa instead.