A self-catering villa – Enjoy your holiday

A self-catering villa has all the facilities you need for a great holiday in Cyprus. The convenience and freedom made available by the extra equipment will ensure that you have a magical time. Many holiday-makers think that a hotel stay offers the opportunity for more relaxation; this is not necessarily the case. The lack of facilities can be tying and draining. Hotels promise convenience but this almost always comes with hefty additional charges.
If you’re going on a special night out, what do you do about your favourite shirt or blouse that was creased in your suitcase? If you want the luxury of being able to drink in your room, you have to pay for room service. As well as additional charges for a poor internet connection, video games, TV and movies. With a self-catering holiday villa, you get all the needed equipment with none of the hassle or cost.
If you pay a little more for your villa in Cyprus, you can get your very own swimming pool. This means poolside peace, relaxation and privacy…unlike many hotel pools. Battling for sunbeds, queuing for drinks at the pool bar, noise and disruptions all raise stress levels, rather than reducing them.

Self-catering villa with luxuries

Similarly, you could find a villa that has a private Jacuzzi and sauna. Wellness centres in hotels are not always how they appear in the brochures. They are actually noisy, crowded and over-priced.
When you think about it, many of the things we enjoy while on holiday involve eating and drinking. Trying the local food, sipping a cocktail as the sun goes down, al fresco dining, meats fresh from the griddle…you can experience all this and more at a self-catering villa.
Many hotel rooms do not even have fridges so you cannot grab cold drink to cool you down in the hot weather. A glass of wine on your balcony in the evening is impossibility without a corkscrew. Nor will you find tea and coffee making facilities, so you have to leave the comfort of your room if you want to enjoy a morning cup of tea…hardly ideal.

Large family BBQ

Self-catering accommodation on the other hand, gives you chance to do as you please. All the equipment you need will be on hand – microwave, can-opener, kettle and your very own BBQ.
A large family BBQ can be a real holiday highlight which you’d otherwise miss out on. A self-catering villa allows you to make your own meze, grill fresh meat or local seafood and dine at your leisure.