Stress Free Wedding Planning.

So you’ve finally decided to tie the knot. You want to have a stress free wedding. There now begins the weird and wonderful process of planning your great day…. and we all want the end product to resemble our favourite fairy tale wedding, typically a fantastic film wedding scene or a wedding from an impossibly romantic novel. But in real life weddings are a planning nightmare, which we typically make even worse by not thinking things through and planning properly! So here are a few simple tips for a stress free wedding and to make your great day even greater:

(1) Think positive! Thinking awful thoughts will just stress you out. Instead focus your energies on thinking about your planning and preparation. Also keep in mind that some people may have their own agendas and may try extra hard to stress you out even more in the run-up to your wedding day. Be prepared for that and don’t let their negativity get to you.

(2) Rather than have your stag or hen night the day before the wedding, try to have it a few days before. A whole week before is even better! You need to give yourself ample time to look your absolute best, and many a wedding have been spoiled by monster hangovers on the day of the wedding. We’ve even had cases where people didn’t wake up on time… and when they finally did they looked just terrible.

(3) If you plan to have your wedding abroad, a couple of days before travelling check and double check that you have everything you’ll need: travel documents, passports, wedding outfits, etc. Triple check that you have your wedding rings! And do confirm your accommodation and transport arrangements at your destination.

(4) Remember that weddings are usually more stressful for women than for men. So keep this (unscientifically proven) fact of life in mind if you find that your other half is acting uncharacteristically neurotic, or appears to not have a care in the world…. Everyone will get back to normal after the wedding. And for the more stress prone out there (men and women): Relax. It all will work out in the end.

(5) Do as much (or as little) as you feel comfortable doing. Delegate everything else. Delegation is a little appreciated art; it is however, similar to successful management, one of the most important rules for a successful wedding day. Some people are happy with organising everything themselves, whereas others are happiest when everything is taken care for them. The whole point is to enjoy your big day, not stress yourself silly.

And above all do remember that a wedding day is just that: a day. Your happiness, for the rest of your life, cannot depend on just this one day…. A far truer measure of success is how the marriage turns out. So, relax, have a stress free wedding and Enjoy!