Why Villa Holidays is a perfect choice?

Picture a serene, idyllic location… you are relaxing in the sunshine and sipping a cool drink by the pool. You are enjoying a well-earned holiday break. It’s quiet and peaceful and the only other people around are friends.
When it comes to holidays one of the most important decisions people make is the type of accommodation they will stay in. In this article we compare two of the main types of holiday accommodation: villas and hotels.
The above scene is very typical of a Cyprus villa holiday.

The equivalent hotel scene may not be as peaceful and serene, and this is simply because the hotel, specifically the pool in our particular example, is inescapably shared with hundreds of other guests, all jostling for space, and that last pool chair. This can create hectic scenes full of noise and mayhem.
This also highlights two key differences between villas and hotels: Space and Privacy.

Villa Holidays Means Space

This is a non-starter. There’s absolutely no comparison between a tiny box room in a hotel to a large luxurious villa with its own grounds, swimming pool, and all the space that comes with having the entire property at your disposal. Why fight over a pool chair? Since the villa pool is your own private pool you are always guaranteed a spot! And you will be among friends not a thousand strangers, and their three thousand screaming children….

Villa Holidays Means Privacy

Privacy…. In a villa one can come and go as one pleases, away from prying eyes and curious onlookers. In today’s world privacy is virtually non-existent, so why would anyone want to give up their privacy also during their holidays…?

But how do costs compare, especially during the current tough economic climate? We all are increasingly cost conscious and need value for our hard earned holiday money.

A typical three bedroom luxury villa in Cyprus rents for around EUR700 per week, depending on location and season. This would include a private pool and/or garden, maid service and all mod-cons. The cost of accommodating six people in a comparable quality hotel is a substantially dearer EUR3,500.
There are several reasons for the price discrepancy, such as:

1. The higher staff costs of a hotel. The biggest cost for hotels is labour, and hotels need an army of staff to run the various restaurants, bars, shops, and other amenities and for maintenance and cleaning. This is necessary due to the large number of guests that need to be handled, all with different tastes, needs and requirements. Holiday villas do away with superfluous staff and only provide services necessary to you – as many or as few as you wish.

2. Higher energy costs – all the common areas of a hotel, such as reception lounges, corridors etc. are lit 24/7, the entire building needs to be heated up in the winter and cooled down in the summer…. and this is not cheap. With a holiday villa you only pay for what you need.

3. The higher wastage that seems to afflict large operations. This has a lot to do with inflexible corporate processes and structures that must be followed to the letter, the larger number of people required to make even simple decisions…. all the way down to more mundane items such as foodstuff that is never consumed and thrown away and every day energy wastage. All this wastage is unavoidably paid for by the hotel guests. Villas are relatively a lot more efficient to run and environmentally friendlier and this results in lower expenses all around.

So the question is not why would someone choose villa holidays over a hotel, but why would someone ever choose a hotel over a villa? Travel trends show that many of us are indeed opting out of “cookie cutter” hotel accommodation in favour of more unique and personalised experiences.

For your next holiday try something different and consider a spacious and luxurious holiday villa. Villas are significantly more affordable than hotels of comparable quality, offer more freedom and a personal touch. Leave the crowds and cramped spaces for the return home!

Villas Holidays for Special Occasions

Renting a villa in Cyprus has significant advantages over booking a hotel.


You’ll have the freedom to do exactly as you please. You can explore all that Cyprus has to offer without any restrictions. You can dine when and where you like. You can be spontaneous and get lost in the moment.

Full Flexibility

With villa holidays, you’ll have lots more space to be yourself, rather than feeling like part of the herd. You can enjoy private, secluded surroundings where you can completely relax with family and friends. The times you share with loved ones will feel even more special and memorable.
If you’ve got a special anniversary or birthday approaching and you want to mark the occasion by spending quality time with your family, consider a Cyprus villa holiday.

Family Reunion – Get Together

Get everyone together – Sons, daughters, grand-children and enjoy the space and privacy at one of our large Cyprus villas that sleep up to 40 persons. Our villas are conveniently located near the cosmopolitan city of Limassol, the family can enjoy shopping, nightlife, beaches and of course, the delicious Cypriot cuisine.
Whether you want mark the start of your retirement, celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary or simply want to treat the family to a holiday; you’ll create memories to treasure forever. Enjoy elegant, spacious surroundings to relax, fun round the private swimming pool and a nightly BBQ under the stars.