Wedding Ceremony: Twice Reorganized

A couple with their respective groups of friends came to Cyprus for their wedding. Each group rented a separate large villa, and everyone seemed to be getting along and enjoying the run-up to the wedding.

All was well and going according to plan – just the way we like it to be – up until the last hour before the wedding. Whilst the Villa Mosaica wedding planner and her team were busy finalising the last few details before the civil ceremony on the villa grounds, the bride burst out of her room crying her eyes out…! Hmmnn this is never a good sign…. What could have happened now?!

Well, what happened was that right before the wedding the groom had a not insignificant change of heart and decided he no longer wanted to get married. Perhaps all the “Mate, you definitely 100% sure about this?” questions had something to do with it, especially when accompanied by “Well, if you are, gone are your carefree bachelor days, and we’ll miss you down the pub”.

So off he went to one of the local pubs… leaving the dejected bride-to-be in a miserable funk.
What to do now? Going well beyond the call of duty we offered the bride and her parents to find the lost groom, and ask what the matter was. And off we went, driving from pub to pub till we eventually tracked him down. Upon kindly reminding him that his wedding was in about 15 minutes, he was adamant that it was all finished. Closed. No marriage.

And of course by now everything was booked and paid for, the wedding cake was there in all its glory, the flowers and all other decorations had been painstakingly prepared, the photographer was already snapping pre-wedding photos, the food was ready….. Hmmmnnn yes. Defininitely not a good sign.
Running around to cancel everything is not a joyful task.

A couple of days later the groom’s friends left, leaving him, the bride to be, and her people, in Cyprus. Now free from “friendly” advice and peer pressure, the groom had a re-think of the whole situation, and decided that he did want to get married after all!
Right. With just a few days before everyone was booked to fly out, everything had to be organised all over again: flowers, decorations, civil wedding officer, photographer, videographer, waiters, entertainers, food, drinks, etc. etc.

The couple were happy they would get another shot at getting married, but worried about the extra costs of re-organising everything, would they now have to pay twice? “No, apart from the food, there’s no need to pay again. We will organise everything for you again at no extra charge, this is a present to you from the Villa Mosaica team”.

Within a very short space of time the wedding was re-arranged and done. This time the groom did not suffer a change of mind. And it all went well, and they got married, and left Cyprus as happy newly-weds.