Common Wedding Planning Mistakes?

As an educated bride-to-be, you know better than to make all-too-common wedding planning mistakes such as spending money without creating a wedding budget or invite friends and family without making a solid guest list. But there are also other wedding planning mistakes to make during the process that can be just as disheartening as the more common errors.

1. If you don’t like something, say something about it. It’s easy to think that something will be minor – like your hairdo – but if it shows in pictures, fix it before the big day. You’ll look back on that wayward hairdo and wish you had said something before you walked down the aisle.

2. Don’t let anyone talk you into something you’re not sure about. There’s a lot of peer pressure when it comes to weddings, and it’s easy to let your mom talk you into a wedding dress you’re not in love with or invitations that are too pricey. Stick to your guns when something is important. (On the other hand, give in every once in a while. No one likes a stubborn and rigid bride.)

3. Include as many people as you can. Budget and space might limit the number of people you can invite, but your wedding isn’t the time to fight and exclude. It’s the time to celebrate and include as much as possible. If your little cousin really wants to be a bridesmaid, what’s the harm?

4. Take the time to personalize your weddings. Planning a wedding is a stressful time, and it’s easy to put DIY projects on the backburner. Simple crafts that personalize your wedding take it from cookie-cutter to remarkable. Block out a weekend afternoon once a month to do a project related to the wedding.

5. Keep track of the money you’ve spent. It’s one thing to make a budget, it’s quite another to keep track of it. Create a spreadsheet and make note of every purchase, large and small, to ensure you’re not running low on cash days before the wedding.

6. Look for a better deal. There are some things that are worth the money, such as photography. Then there are times that it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and sign on the dotted line without thinking if it’s really a good deal. Wedding dresses are a prime example of this – you might feel like a princess when you try on that €2,000 Euro gown, but if you go home and think about it, you might realize that there are similar dresses out there for half the cost.

7. One of the very common wedding planning mistakes is over-working. Sleep as much as possible. This applies to the week of the wedding. While you’ll be running on adrenaline and maybe a little caffeine, no bride looks pretty with bags under her eyes. Instead of partying it up after the rehearsal dinner, hit the sack. Your makeup artist will thank you on the day of your wedding.

8. Avoid illness at all costs during the month of the wedding. Wash your hands, avoid sick people, and take vitamin C – whatever you need to stay healthy. Sickness can lead to weight loss, which can lead to an ill-fitting wedding dress at a time that’s too late for extra alternations.

9. Don’t ask your friends to be bridesmaids immediately after getting engaged. Take some time to see how they react to your engagement. Are they interested in going dress shopping or would they rather not hear about the planning process? Waiting to see if they’ll make good bridesmaids could save you plenty of drama later in the game.

10. Always remember, it won’t go perfectly. Something will go wrong, whether it’s a table runner catching on fire, a small stain on your dress, or your underage cousin having too much to drink.

After the reception wraps up, those imperfect moments become amusing stories to tell your friends, family, and eventually, your children. In the end, it’s one day, and no matter how many mistakes you made during the planning process, it’s the resulting marriage that really counts.
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