You can’t always rely on the British weather, especially when it comes to your big day. Choosing to get married abroad is becoming more and more popular as people look to get married in a hot climate where good weather is almost guaranteed. Keeping your cool when planning a hot wedding isn’t always easy, but this useful guide to weddings in hot climates will certainly give you some food for thought.


Choosing the time of year

Summer weddings are very popular in the UK, as that’s when the weather is at its warmest and driest. When you’re thinking about weddings in hot climates however, you’ve got a bit more flexibility about when you can get married while still enjoying the good weather. If you don’t cope with the heat well, avoid the height of summer when hot climates are even hotter and you’re likely to feel uncomfortable on your big day. It’s worth observing the average temperatures of your chosen destination to help you pick a time of year that you can handle.


Choosing the right wedding venue

The big advantage of weddings in hot climates is that you can do it outside, giving you the opportunity to make the most of the climate you’re in. Choose an area that has plenty of space and has options for shelter on days where it is too hot. You could partially cover the seating area so that those who would prefer to be in the shade can do so. Make sure there are areas that are covered for guests to take a breather – somewhere shady and breezy is ideal. If you’re going have some of the wedding indoors, make sure the rooms are well ventilated with windows you can open, fans or air conditioning. Make sure that you see the wedding venue in advance, as this will give you an idea of how best to set up your wedding to make sure it’s a fun day for everyone.

Something that many couples do when getting married in a hot climate is to have the wedding later in the day. Avoid peak hours and aim for a wedding time of around 4/5pm – the sun will still be out but the heat won’t be as severe. Getting married later in the day also means you can get away with just feeding your guests once, which is an ideal option if you’re short on budget.


Your wedding attire

Consider what you’re going to be wearing very carefully – you don’t want to be sweating your way down the aisle, after all! A wedding is a long, busy day and you’ll want to feel cool rather than a hot mess. When choosing your wedding dress, select a dress made from lightweight material, which lets you move around easily – too many layers will feel heavy and cause you to feel too hot. Meanwhile, men should avoid wool suits or kilts – there are many lighter, breathable fabrics to choose from, with linen being a particularly popular summer wedding suit style for men. There are some great colours to choose from too.


Wedding day makeup

Makeup is an important part of a bride and bridesmaids’ look but you’ll need to consider the products you use carefully to avoid your makeup melting down your dress by the middle of the afternoon! If you’re having a makeup artist do your makeup, make sure you have a thorough conversation with them about your concerns – they should be able to offer solutions for makeup that will stay in place in the heat, offer sun protection and leave you looking fresh and glowing.

If you’re going to do your makeup yourself, choose powder formulas over liquid where possible and remember to keep a touch up kit to hand – some translucent powder will be vital to get you through your big day. Meanwhile, waterproof makeup is a wedding day essential that will keep your makeup in place during the tears, and also ensure that it doesn’t melt under the heat. Do some research on the best waterproof makeup products and make sure you pack them to go away with you.


Pre-wedding advice for guests

Getting married abroad calls for a much different set of information for guests than a wedding would in the UK. As well as advising on flights and accommodation, you should also give them a bit more of an insight into what the area is like, what’s there for them to do and what they can expect about the weather. Let them know what typical temperatures are like and suggest that they might want to base their outfits on this knowledge. These things may seem obvious to you, but there’ll always be some guests who won’t do their homework ahead of the wedding.


Keep the (soft) drinks flowing

You don’t want to run the risk of your guests ending up dehydrated on your wedding day, so make sure there are plenty of soft drinks and water around to help keep them cool and hydrated. While there’ll be plenty of fizz flying around, you should make water easily accessible and ensure that there’s regular top-ups on the tables. Another great suggestion is to keep some refreshing fruit to hand like mangos and watermelons to help keep guests cool while they’re outside. You could even speak to your caterers and find a way of working them into your canapes!


Hot weather hand-outs

There are some thoughtful little gifts or favours you can put out for your guests that will help to get them through weddings in hot climates in the most enjoyable way. Turning your order of service into fans is a wonderful idea and ensures that guests take them away with them. Having buckets of hot weather essentials such as cooling sprays, sun tan lotion, flip flops, sunglasses and face sprays is another thoughtful thing to consider for your wedding day and guests will appreciate the effort you’ve made to look after them. You can also put a few things in the bathroom like hairspray, deodorant and hair ties that will help guests to freshen up throughout the day.


Easy ways to keep cool for weddings in hot climates

As the bride and groom, you’ll be more likely to feel the heat than anyone. Some of the best tips for keeping cool during your hot weather wedding include taking a break from the sun every now and then and making sure that you drink plenty of water. Give the ushers the job of topping up your water glass as you’ll be likely to forget with everything else that’s going on. If you can take part of the wedding indoors, it’s recommended that you do so to let everyone have a bit of a breather from the sun. You can always return outdoors in the evening when it is much cooler for some drinks and dancing. Having a change of outfit is another great suggestion that you can slip into once the formalities are over so that you’re ready to hit the dancefloor.

Weddings in hot climates are a great idea, but you’ll need to consider your preparations carefully to make sure everyone has a good time. Cyprus is a particularly popular destination for a hot weather wedding, so why not take a look at our luxury wedding villas and book your dream wedding in a fantastic destination?