Wheelchair Visitors, Welcome

If you have limited mobility or use a wheel chair, not to worry. We have wheelchair friendly villas and we know that you’ll have more exacting requirements when it comes to your holiday accommodation. If you’ve tried searching the internet for disabled accommodation Cyprus, you’ll know that it’s not easy. It’s a sad fact that many accommodations focus on selling their extra-large pools and wellness facilities without considering the needs of the disabled.

When it comes to hotels, your choices may be quite limited. Small rooms, 15 floors, crowded restaurants are just some of the problems. Many are in elevated positions to provide better views, making it thus a struggle for anyone with walking difficulties. If you’re looking for wheelchair friendly accommodation, there’s a lot to consider: access, room sizes, dining, lifts, ramps and transport. Finding information you can trust is essential to ensure your safety and convenience.

Our properties: wheelchair friendly villas

Our Limassol Villas: Mosaica and Aretousa are wheelchair friendly villas. Access is available on the ground floor with an ensuite bedroom. Multiple ground floor bedrooms means that carers can be close-by too. The spacious villas have excellent wheelchair manoeuvrability throughout, that includes the garden and grounds. So those with mobility problems are free to enjoy the whole experience.

Special requirements

We’re here in Cyprus and can provide a level of service that large tour operators simply cannot, giving you complete peace of mind when you travel. If you have other needs or requirements, we are more than happy to assist, simply email us prior to booking.

Getting assistance at the airport

Disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility have the right to assistance when travelling by air in accordance with European law. While staff will be happy to help without prior arrangements, it’s best to let your airline know at least 48 hours before you travel. When the airline can plan ahead, you’ll receive a more convenient service and get all the assistance you need at the airport.

Enjoying your time in Cyprus

While some wheelchairs are transported free by airlines, restrictions apply. Paying to transport mobility scooters, walking aids and other equipment can be very costly. The solution – use a rental company. There are a handful of companies in Paphos and Limassol that offer this service, some deliver free of charge. This will make Cyprus more accessible for anyone with walking difficulties.

Visiting the attractions

Contact our Cyprus Villas Team for detailed accessibility information on Cyprus beaches, museums, archaeological sites and nature trails.