While in Cyprus

Did you try these while in Cyprus for holiday?
Cyprus is a popular destinations for holidays, weddings and honeymoons. The locals are very friendly, the weather is second to none. Almost 330 sun shine days per year. The local cuisine is rich in variety and will satisfy all tastes. The local drinks do not leave anything to be desired. Cyprus is home to one of the oldest wines in the world. Wine making is a four thousands year old local tradition.

Meze – A truly unique dining experience and a must on your Cyprus holiday. Consists of around 30 different meat or fish based dishes, perfect to share and sample the local cuisine.

Watermelon – often bought fresh off the roadside, melon is a breakfast favourite.

Halloumi – cheese native to Cyprus made from sheep or goats milk. It has a distinctive, layered texture, similar to mozzarella and is usually served fried or grilled.

Frappe – iced coffee, to perk you up after a lazy day relaxing on the beach.

White Muscat – at the Agia Mavri Winery, Limassol – award winning wine with lychee, citron and grated tangerine aromas.

Zyvania – the local fire water, similar to raki – lethal at around 70% proof.

Mastic – the original chewing gum; masticha resin is made from the sap of the mastic tree. It forms translucent crystals when dried in the sun which soften when chewed.

Cyprus holiday shopping

Cyprus Handicraft Centre – backed by the Government to preserve traditional Cypriot crafts, selling a wide selection of locally produced gifts. For traditional, hand-made Cyprus holiday souvenirs.

Lefkara Village – Leonardo Da Vinci visited the island to buy lace for the Milan Cathedral, you can see it being made at Lefkara. The village is also renowned for affordable silver ware and jewellery.

Limassol’s Old Quarter – Quaint old streets selling lace, pottery and leather, famed for hand-made clothing. Browse the antique shops and boutique art galleries.

Shopping Mall in Limassol – While in Cyprus, do not forget about shopping. MyMall in Limassol is one of the biggest shopping centres on the island with 150 retail outlets, 17 cafes and restaurants and an ice rink.